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Karolina Sandra

Hair and make-up by Charlotte Fisher.

Styling: yours truly.

Fun shoot.

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Suzanne Strutt-Jackson

Suzanne Strutt Jackson, photographed her about 6 years ago for Spindle Magazine. Hot then, hot now!

Here are a few, I may add some more in the near future.

Hair and make-up: Charlotte Fisher.

Styling yours truly.

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Models One test shoot 1998

I have no idea what her name is, I did not write it down, which in most cases I do. I do know that Philippe and Cynthia Balligan did the hair and make-up. Shot in Finsbury Park, scanned in and post prod. by me. Just playin’


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Rockliffe Hall

Samantha Crossley at Rockliffe Hall, outtake of a Spa Secrets shoot.

I remember the overall temperature being so hot in the pool area that I was gagging for an ice bath afterwards.

Samantha Crossley in Rockliffe Hall

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Malene Nielsen

Malene Nielsen, the Danish Vixen and still a good friend from Copenhagen.

Taken in Parco Sempione in Milano late 1991.

malene 6


malene 8

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Sarah Giles

Both my desktop and laptop went belly up inside one week, it is not that the hardware fails which just happens, it’s the files; the recovery and above all the mess that comes with it.

Lord Wilson has been in touch, an ep is in the works and then he is about to go run a marathon, boy oh boy how things change, I hated him when he was a degenerate drunk and drugged up fuck but now him being a health Hitler is totally another. I bet the ep cover art is all flowers and Labrador puppies………

Come back Lord Wilson, and all will be forgiven!

Meanwhile here is Sarah Giles, in 1998 with Models One. The gun I nabbed from a mental pirate party, complete with a pirate ship built inside a marquee in Battersea Park. This is cross processed as well btw. No retouching either.

Styling: Jackie Beeke


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Joanna Ramos

Joanna Ramos shot in Harry’s studio in Vught in 1989. Mixture of tungsten and flash shot on tungsten film, hence the blue wash.

These slides were scratched and needed quite a bit of tender care.

Joanna Ramos-1989-2-low

Joanna Ramos-1989-16-low

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Cheryl Davey in Den-Bosch

In 1992 I spent a few months at Harry van der Brugghen’s studio in Den-Bosch. I took this pic of Cheryl Davey using print film and having it processed as a slide instead.

It was my first try doing this. I have to say this portrait is very much to my liking.

Cheryl Davey-Den Bosch 1992--3sm

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Sarah, also from Eye for I model agency in Milano, from the States. Great model, classical face with great facial expressions, one of my life’s regrets will be not shooting her more in the Autumn of 1991.

These were taken on the same day as I shot Jane B. in Piazza Sempione in Milano.

35 Mm HP5 scanned in with my Coolscan LS 9000. love it!

Sarah-Parco Sempione Oct 1991-15.jpgSarah-Parco Sempione Oct 1991-20.jpgSarah-Parco Sempione Oct 1991-22.jpgSarah-Parco Sempione Oct 1991-29.jpgSarah-Parco Sempione Oct 1991-32.jpgSarah-Parco Sempione Oct 1991-45.jpgSarah-Parco Sempione Oct 1991-47.jpgSarah-Parco Sempione Oct 1991-50.jpgSarah-Parco Sempione Oct 1991-59.jpgSarah-Parco Sempione Oct 1991-62.jpg



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Jane B.

Jane B from Eye For I Agency in Milano, late 1991 (I guess October). This was a paid test, something I barely have done in my career, I regarded them mostly as a waste of time, barely able to get anything useful for myself.

Jane B. and Sarah (to be posted soon) were quite an exception.

Shot in Piazza Sempione in the centre of Milano. Eye For I agency (now defunct) wanted me to test a load of their girls, Jane was one of them. Really easy shoot with lovely Autumn sunlight, perfect combo.

Jane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-16.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-12.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-10.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-24.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-26.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-9.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-18.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-23.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-19.jpg


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Kay was with Marcella Studio, a model agency in Milano. I shot this in 1990 in my hotel room, a dive in the centre of Milano called the pensione Dante. You shared rooms with total strangers, the fat family a few doors down ended up using all the hot water, shared bathroom of course. The Moroccan co-owner used to spy through someone’s room into the shower room. I kid you not! Models, hair and make-up crew and photographers frequented through this place like mad. The pensione Dante is long gone and that is rightly so.

I have been scanning in a lot and will be scanning for yonks to come.

Kay in Milano 1990 with a 2015 twist. I love film!

kay 5l


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Gillian Wong – The Beauty Truth – 2nd Generation Magazine

I took this in 1998 in Finsbury Park as part of a spread called The Beauty Truth for 2nd Generation Magazine, a magazine with a lot of potential but sadly folded after 3 years. I think it happened before The Millennium.

Taken with Ektachrome 200 (EPD) then processed in C41 (for those that don’t know: it’s putting a positive film in a negative processor so instead of getting a slide transparency you get a negative instead).  Fab contrast and colour ratio no other slide film comes out that well after cross processing.

I still have a few rolls in my freezer…….waiting for the right project……

Hair: Guy Pranzili

Make-up: Cynthia Balligan

Model: Gillian Wong / Select Models



Gillian Wong-The Beauty Truth

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Taken in Parco di Monza, just north of Milano in 1992.

Linda in Blumarine.


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Taken in the early 90’s in Varenna, Italy. A village in the Alps where I have been to about 4 or 5 times to do shoots. It has an old ruined castle on top of the mountain with a wicked view of the Iseo and Como lakes. The beauty of Varenna was that it was about an hour on the train from Milan and the weather proved to be much better there than in the city, mountains are funny things when it comes to the weather. The last time I went there was in 1993, I wouldn’t mind going back one day, not sure if the ruins are still accessible? I will try and dig out other shots taken there and post them at some point.

Becky was with EyeForI model agency in Milano and needed fresh pix, so I took her along while doing another shoot for a mag and used the great Italian Autumn sun to light her up.


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Bacardi Breezer

One from my archive a few  years ago for Bacardi Breezer using Religion Clothing.

All taken on film, au natural 🙂

Bettine McCabe.


And here is Ruari.


Simone Bovair.



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Anna Thornqvist

Anna Thornqvist wearing Blumarine shot in 1992 at Lake Como, talk about blast from the past.

Taken near a very nice villa at Lake Como, and that’s Villa D’Este in the background. I have more shots of this shoot which I need to dig out, once I do shall I add them to this post.

Anna Thornquist-Como 1992-1small.jpgAnna Thornquist-Como 1992-5small.jpganna thornquist 2 by Bartolomy.jpganna thornqvist 9 by Bartolomy.jpg

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Terry O’Neill

Just happen to read an interview about Terry O’Neill on the Treats Magazine website (I go there for the interviews honestly……)

I like Terry’s work, some fab images he has made that have stood the test of time, may he sell loads of prints!

One part of the interview stood out, after which I could only exclaim ”EXACTLY”

Here’s a copy and paste of that part from Harvey Kubernik’s interview with Terry O’Neill:

Access to celebrities today isn’t what it used to be. How has this affected your work? 

Yes. You can’t spend time around them when they’re working, which is the most interesting pictures of all. You can’t take off-beat shots of today’s celebrities because of the PRs. The publicists destroyed the type of photography that I do. They forced every star into not letting photographers into their lives, or give them any time. They don’t strike up working relationships with them. It’s awful, really. It’s gonna cause a huge rift in the photographic history of Hollywood for a start. I mean, it’s just gone now. The publicists want approval of everything. The words, the pictures…it’s a joke. If you want to photograph anyone today who is famous you have to do it in a studio or in a hotel room, and the PR stipulates which shots you can release. It has impacted my journey. Absolutely.

That’s precisely the reason I don’t do celebs (personally I don’t care much for the culture around it) and some of the people that hang around them (and that’s what they do hang around…) aren’t very nice people at all and could ruin the making of a great image completely.

The best PRs? Simple. The ones that say you got 20/30 minutes don’t walk off to far and be back in time. Great way to get the job done and everyone goes home happy and the results will be way better.

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Cadogan Hotel

Here is a  shot of Chrissy from Nevs models, from way way back, 2006 if I am not mistaken, at The Cadogan Hotel in Chelsea.



A rather petite hotel where it was not very easy to do a shoot in. This was for a magazine in the Middle-East, the name escaped me.

Styling by Rebekah Roy.

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Guy Bourdin

This week I went to the Guy Bourdin exhibition at Somerset House, it started on Nov 25th and runs for a few months.

It was held in a section at Somerset House I had not seen an exhibition before, not that I am a frequent visitor, I average 2 a year.

I am a big admirer of Guy Bourdin’s work, not just because of the angles and compositions he used, but even more for his uncompromising attitude towards his crew and clients regarding his overall delivery of the final image(s). In short his will was King and not many people managed to have him change his mind regarding the final image.

The work he did for Charles Jourdan was displayed in a long corridor, and tastefully lit. Moving images were shown in three sections with projection, and then there was his own art work (drawings and paintings)where it shows that he planned his images carefully. His b&w work was strong in contrast, which would be way too much for the current fashion mags stable, yet two spreads from the mid 70’s for French and British Vogue stood the test of time, due to its cinematic and above all timeless influence, classic shots indeed.

What I did miss was his work for French Harpers Bazaar and The Best magazine which concluded his career, certainly not his most ground breaking work, but I see no reason why it was not shown.

There was talk that his material was collected in 30 odd garbage bags and meant to be destroyed after his death, whether this is true or not who knows, assuming that it is one could only wonder what he might have thought of this retrospective at Somerset House. I recommend everyone who is into great fashion photography to splash out £9.00 and see it and marvel at the fantastic work Guy Bourdin produced.

The world definitely got more boring after he left this planet.

I attach a few pix I shot with my iPhone, but also an article I managed to dig up from American Photographer (later re-branded as American Photo) from 1989 with a fantastic portrait by Chip Simons.


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AnneMarie Prince

This is a polaroid transfer of AnneMarie Prince and was taken in 1993 in Den-Bosch. I cross processed the negative as a slide film (that is c41 film  developed as e6) and that gave it this large green tint. I shortly after found out which film to use and what filtering to counteract that.

I then grabbed this slide and put it into a colour enlarger and exposed it on a polaroid back, then processed it (it must have been Polaroid 669), but peeled off the negative after just 15 seconds of processing and mounted it to some white board ( used for mounting prints inside frames) and then used a rubber roller carefully to transfix the image on the board.

This is the only attempt that worked, as the negative tended to ‘slip’ while rolling therefore blurring the end result, hence this being precious, here is the digital scan. I have a load of slides of this shoot which I will scan in at some point and publish. I remember meeting Annemarie in Milano a year or so before this shoot. Lovely person to work with.

Model: AnneMarie Prince
Hair and make-up: Karin Melissant.

Anne-Marie Prince Den Bosch 1993

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Rebecca Burton

Short near Liverpool St station in 1996.



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Gerda Marie Mare


Here are outtakes from a shoot I did  at what is now called The Rosewood Hotel in Holborn.

Model: Gerda Marie Mare

Styling: Cora Chung

Make-up: Shelly Manser-Cavanaugh

Hair: Claudio Contrasti


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New Faces Profile Models

First to arrive Poppy J., amazing model, strong features and great personality.


 Next was Sienna S. from Derbyshire. Fabulous hair and looks.


And finally Nancy.

Her first shoot and she did very well.


All at Profile Models.


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Profile Models New Faces

Last Sunday I went back into the studio again, it had been just over 8 months. Managed to photograph three young girls from Profile Models.

First one who popped round was Charlotte W., with her mom Sue. I must admit I felt a bit rusty at first but once I had things set up it all went very smoothly. I changed sets and lighting around to make it a bit more interesting and get a bit of variation in moods.

This was Charlotte’s very first photo shoot and by taking that into account I have to say that she did extremely well. Here are a few.


Next was Lola P., discovered a few years ago on the street when she was twelve ,now with Profile Models and her mom is a photographer too and it shows as she is at ease in front of the lens.


And finally Rosanna, where I managed to get one of my personal favorite photographs. She did great, for it being her second ever shoot.


All three girls have major potential to further their modelling career and I wish them the very best of luck with that!

Thanks girls!

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Toni & Guy

Here are some shots I did for the Toni & Guy look book, supposedly coming out in Sept.

Chanie Louise, Laura Andrea Kell, Lena Marie & Max, all at Profile Models.


Since quitting Facebook I have started to read books more, I seem to have an appetite for the RFK and JFK assassinations, out of an investigative p.o.v., very interesting indeed.

Who Killed Bobby by Shane O’Sullivan (excellent book).

The Assassination of Robert Kennedy by William Turner & John Christian (the final chapters should be turned into a screenplay, would be a brilliant court room drama).

JFK and The Unspeakable (my fave JFK book, puts it all in perspective as to why).

Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill (if you want a glimpse of what the current war on terror entails then this is a must read)

Grof Geld by Roe Janssen (A Dutch book on financial scandals and speculators in Holland, us Dutch are quite ”good” at this)

And now I am starting to read London Underground by Stephen Smith.


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Jamie Dornan

So I have been watching The Fall the other day,just about to finish the last ep., and it has Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame in there having the lead role.

Then there is Jamie Dornan the serial killer, and the name kept ringing a bell. But it was more his face, I don’t really forget a face (I hope to run some day into the f***ing burglar who passed me on the steps in my then flat in Finsbury Park).

It nags me when I can’t figure out which person or what the title is of a  certain film and so forth so I end up going through all the composite cards of all the  models I have photographed over the last two decades  and there he is and it all comes back to me.

I shot him while doing a job for Donovan Pascal’s designs for Pascalokada, which we took in Seven Sisters at Marina Avraam’s space above her studio. These were done in  2004. He ended up becoming a big model (doing campaigns for Calvin Klein, Aquascutum and Banana Republic).

Still nice pix, he has  a great look and good for him playing a baddie in major BBC drama, go get ’em 😉





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Paul Fusco

I don’t really write, or comment about other photographers.

In fashion i/e there are not many that I really admire, and the ones that I do have achieved granddad status 🙂 or are not among us anymore. The ones that have been added on the so called BIG status these past two decades not one has ‘moved’ me as these old timers have. I have to confess I have not bought a fashion mag in more than a decade, but I do check them out and I catch myself to go through them faster and faster for the sheer vacuousness they display.

If you think of shooting with a large umbrella in front of a white backdrop is edgy and ground breaking, then think again, people like Albert Watson, Bill King, Bert Stern, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn did it decades before you and a lot better too, the fact that this way of displaying fashion images is still being used shows the real conservative side of the fashion industry, Juergen Teller changed his style from cross processing to a more simpler approach (and incorporating a ring flash) and it brought him a lot of success, to me his shots became a lot more uninteresting, that’s my personal opinion, like it or not.

These days any young photographer will spunk a set out for free just to get published in the one too many online/print magazines which hardly anyone is bothered to read in the first place, no need to delude yourself it is a fact. Part of the blame is also to the huge flood of digital images which has devalued this profession to scrap. The Chicago Sun Times just dropped all their 28 photographers, one of them being a Pulitzer price winner John H. White. The paper will ask their correspondents to come up with the photos and videos.

I could go on and rant like the next dissatisfied armchair critic, so I better stop.

Here is something to spend a few minutes of your quality time on, the RFK funeral train, Paul Fusco’s photographs which I personally find one of the most moving set of shots I have ever seen.  It makes a project like The Bench look pussy. The funny thing about that project I did is that I personally feel the least connected with it in an emotional way as I always thought ”anyone else can do this”, yet overall everyone likes it a lot, I have only received two negative feedback against hundreds of positive ones.

One day I hope to understand that  unemotionally involved pix of mine get more appreciation than the ones I bleed my heart and soul out for.



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Jessie Inchauspe


Shot at the end of 2012 and re-did the post production on these, more to my liking.

Styling: Zahra Zwanzi.

Make-up: Charlotte Fisher.

Hair: Miche

Model: Jessie Inchauspe at Profile Models


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Gersande Coudyser & Ivane Grondin

Gersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR0715.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR0933.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR1245.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR1549.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR1918.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR1784.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR1993.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR2018.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR2361.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR2432.jpg

Here are some shots from a  shoot way back.

Styling: Juli Molnar

Hair: Jane Hodson

Make-up: Charlotte Fisher

Models: Gersande Coudyser and Ivane Grondin at Profile Models.




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May update

I have deleted my Facebook profile and also the Bartolomy page, I just grew tired of the whole FB thing, like MySpace it has had its best time. All the ads, and above all the pictures of people of showing their dinner/cats/back garden etc. Very tiring and very repetitive if you ask me. Time to move on.

Here is an article on stylist Juli Molnar, who I have been working with these past 6 months. The Into the Black story and some of yours truly in action can be seen there.

I have a ton of fashion pix to show, but I am simply too busy posting them, all in due course.

Die! Die! Die! are back here end of June for a few months, so expect some stuff on them as well.

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