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Sarah Giles

Both my desktop and laptop went belly up inside one week, it is not that the hardware fails which just happens, it’s the files; the recovery and above all the mess that comes with it.

Lord Wilson has been in touch, an ep is in the works and then he is about to go run a marathon, boy oh boy how things change, I hated him when he was a degenerate drunk and drugged up fuck but now him being a health Hitler is totally another. I bet the ep cover art is all flowers and Labrador puppies………

Come back Lord Wilson, and all will be forgiven!

Meanwhile here is Sarah Giles, in 1998 with Models One. The gun I nabbed from a mental pirate party, complete with a pirate ship built inside a marquee in Battersea Park. This is cross processed as well btw. No retouching either.

Styling: Jackie Beeke


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Kay was with Marcella Studio, a model agency in Milano. I shot this in 1990 in my hotel room, a dive in the centre of Milano called the pensione Dante. You shared rooms with total strangers, the fat family a few doors down ended up using all the hot water, shared bathroom of course. The Moroccan co-owner used to spy through someone’s room into the shower room. I kid you not! Models, hair and make-up crew and photographers frequented through this place like mad. The pensione Dante is long gone and that is rightly so.

I have been scanning in a lot and will be scanning for yonks to come.

Kay in Milano 1990 with a 2015 twist. I love film!

kay 5l


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More Movies

Watched a few more: Best Man Down, a nice little movie, nothing too complicated part serious part funny.

Woody Allen’s latest film Blue Jasmine is very good, so good that I did not even see it as a typical W.A. flick. Kate Blanchett does a very solid job in this one, would have liked to see Alec Baldwin a bit more since he is such a degenerate in this flick.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Ben Stiller’s latest, very good film too,according to my g/f it has a Forest Gump vibe to it, if Tom Hanks were 20 years younger I bet he would be doing this. Well worth watching.

And then there is Steve McQueen’s latest film 12 Years A Slave an excellent film indeed, curious how it will do at the Oscars, and if it gets neglected in Hollywood it surely will clean up at the Baftas, as it surely deserves a few prizes. Best film of 2013 for me. Strange thing, in this film, is that both parties, the whites and the blacks are worshiping the same God, can’t think of anything more fucked up if you ask me. Some God to worship……

Dallas Buyers Club has a very thin Matthew McConaughey starring as someone who parties hard and who becomes HIV positive and gets himself involved in all kinds of research and tries to obtain all types of drugs just to stay alive, a good film and well played by him but I think Jared Leto is as good if not better, but no way will they give him the Oscar.

And I know I am late to this one: Lilyhammer starring Steven Van Zandt  a mafioso  (as what else?) relocating thru the witness protection program to Norway, just watched the first ep, I hope it stays as strong as this opener.

Finally Enough Said featuring the late James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus again a nice little comedy, well worth watching.


It’s X-Mas, well Boxing Day actually, and Terri and I have a had a brilliant X-mas day, a few cool pressies and a killer dinner made by the missus, perfect.

On a sad note I just dropped off my Nikon Coolscan LS9000 at the post office again, the day before, to have it shipped to Nikon for another fix, the third in 3 years.  Just finished doing the military book and now just before starting on the nudes with accessories shoot I did on film it has decided to pack it all in. This is a bit of a set back as I am away the next few weeks, but I hope they will have it done in the 2nd week of Jan, otherwise no work on this shoot gets done until end of Jan. Bit dissapointed about the manufacturing build of the  scanner and how often it fails and has to be sent back to Nikon. But at this point there are limited alternatives.

This is the shoot I also did some on Polagraph film, a 35 mm instant polaroid film from more than ten years ago. I shot 20 rolls of EPY (that’s Kodak Ektachrome 64 for those not in the know) alongside it and intend to use that material as the polagraph slides are a little too dark and do not allow any dodging or burning for that matter at all.

Meanwhile I am backing up a truckload of dvds of old shoots from the period 2004-2007, the happiest moment was when I found some lost shots of our holiday in Palermo in high res format from 2004, I am thrilled to have them back. I shall post a few in due course.

This is also a soft introduction to the new website and being hosted on a new server, this one is EU based and speeds have drastically improved so it will be a lot better browsing through galleries all over, special thanks go to Jochen Maess for setting this up.


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