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Scanning again

Bought a desktop PC for peanuts and managed to get the scanner working again, which is after almost 3 years of non activity. The setup has improved that much that speed and cataloging is a lot better than ever before. So over the next few weeks expect a ton of stuff, fashion shoots from the 90’s and metal shows from the 80’s.

Meanwhile this site may go offline for a month as I am working on building a new one which I hope to have running in Sept. and it will have my archive in it as well with a print shop.

August is quiet for most of us any way as everyone is busy tanning  😉

Have a great holiday break!


Since Sept. 1st I have been released from hospital. What should have been a routine one day situation on June 8th turned into a 80 day nightmare with eleven operations (9 fully under, 2 local in case you wanted to know) as the infection inside my foot proved to be much harder to control than was originally believed. The first month I stayed at UCLH where the views aren’t bad.

The View from UCLH.

The View from UCLH.

Then I was sent to The Royal Free in Hampstead where things did not improve at all, in fact they deteriorated badly and only after pumping up to a pint’s worth of antibiotics intravenously of two different types in Aug. did things brighten up, be it at a slow pace. I think I am very lucky to keep quite a good part of the foot and that I eventually ought to be walking as normal again. Fingers crossed.

I take my iPhone downstairs and manage to snag a shot of one of the operating staff peeking through. Phones and cams are not allowed down there so I have to hand it back to the nurse, but the shot is in the bag.

Without feeling the need to brag I was under pretty heroic morphine dosages for the entire period as well, and this concluded with a terrible  comedown, while at home, after I finished the oral course in the third week of Sept., I do not wish the terrible 50 odd hours I had, to anyone, it is utter hell. The detox from Trainspotting comes to mind if you need  visual comparison….. 🙂

Roughly a quarter of the syringes of Morphine I had.

Lying on a bed for a long time gets you thinking and I am going to start shooting more. For starters some metal shows. I am going to start scanning more of my archive in for the book projects I halted for a while, and also will set up some sort of printing service as well.

I still have a few months to go and do not expect things to have settled for the best until well into the new year, but things are going good.



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Abney Park

I live not far away from it yet it had been quite some time I had visited Abney Park. I remember the first time being roughly 15 years ago when I worked on the Derelict Sensation Project.

The park does look better on sunny days.

_BAR9943-Abney Park by Bartolomy.jpg_BAR9945-Abney Park by Bartolomy.jpg_BAR9950-Abney Park by Bartolomy.jpg_BAR9951-Abney Park by Bartolomy.jpg



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Exactly two weeks ago I was in Porto for a weekend break with the missus. Lovely town to spend some time off in. We stayed at The Pestana, which was right at the front. And right across from the port distilleries which we visited for a taster. The bridges are very imposing with their Meccano style of assembly.

Obviously at the restaurants we ate great fish and meat and we enjoyed more port 🙂 Great city.



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Moerdijk, near Breda, Netherlands while being on the train.

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Malta and Gozo

A few shots from my recent break in Malta and Gozo. I took some snaps of the places we visited and also messed around with blurring. I managed to get a few shots for The Kiss as well.

I shall post one of the better ones.


These pix are taken of Valletta, Azure Window,  the quant fishing town of Marsaxlokk, Birkirkara where we stayed, and Gozo of course mostly in Kercm where we saw the light festival and where hilly fields were decked out with hundreds of torches. Everyone local was having pizza and wine (at 4 euros a bottle so yeah that went down a treat 🙂 Fantastic place to visit.

All photographs copyright Bartolomy, all rights reserved.


Furthermore I am starting to work on two new projects, one is “The Birds” and the other will be called “Oets” All to be revealed soon.

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Die Die Die in Paris and London

The boys are back in town, mainly to record a new album and to do a couple of warm up shows before they embark on a two week tour in China. I catch the Eurostar a few hours before they arrive in Paris and wander about the Montmartre district, an area I had not been before. It is 28 degrees not a cloud in the sky and it is blazing. I take a few shots and wander about past the many artists who have their paintings on display, some of whom are very good. Although the whole thing is rather relaxed it has plenty of markings of being a tourist trap as well (too many shops that sell the usual rubbish).

I make my way back to Gare Du Nord and see the band arrive, from there we depart to a hotel which is very close to the venue the Olympic Cafe. The band are on at 9 and there about a 100 odd bodies in the basement which resembles a sauna, just standing there makes you drip with sweat. The gig itself is ok (they have not played any shows since Jan.) but from a sound p.o.v. it is a letdown, actually the worst sounding one of all Die Die Die shows I have witnessed, but the crowd don’t care, it’s party on and everyone has a great time. Set-wise it is all well balanced, every album gets tapped into and they even play a new song as an encore.


The next morning at 8 AM sharp a two man crew and their pneumatic drill have a rattle for a solid 90 minutes there is no way to get back to sleep after that, and in the end I just laughed. The hotelier was very apologetic and thought we’d never come back, but for a cheap place to stay in the 18th district I recommend Hotel Du Globe actually!

We catch the Eurostar back around lunch time to London to go to Birthdays in Dalston. Here the band play a blinder of a set in front of again 100 odd bodies who need a few songs to get into it (a London thing….). And here the band sound on fire, A.T.T.I.T.U.D. is being played with such vigour, it is easily the best version of that song I have ever witnessed. Sadly the set is shorter than Paris due to starting late and the curfew. But in the end a fantastic show.

I show a few pix of both shows, the rest will be in the book that no one will buy. The book will be part 2 on this lot. Even though the band are to release a new album seeing them live will be less frequent due to the fact that Prain and Wilson have decided to become college nerds and later on bank tellers 😉 instead.


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My mentor

My mentor Harry van der Brugghen.

Harry zw

In October/November 1988. I left the military at the end of August and wanted to continue with photographic studies. I had my work published on most Heavy Metal bands from 1982 until 1987 and during my military service (1987/88) I had my camera with me at all times. After my stint in army green I sort of had grown out of shooting gigs a bit and wanted a new challenge, and above all learn more on how to become a pro.

So after enlisting at a school which meant studying from home as that was how the school functioned, I had quite a bit of spare time. I wanted to get more involved and was looking for an apprenticeship in a studio. The pace of the study was too slow for me and I wanted to learn all the tricks of the trade. I wrote to four people, one had died, one never bothered to answer and one contacted me after I had already said yes to the other guy who had gotten back to me.

His name: Harry van der Brugghen. He rang on a Thursday asking me if I wanted to come in on Monday which I did. I was dressed fairly smart and when I arrived I was offered coffee promptly (as my mom predicted) and was told I would join him on a job he was commissioned for that very same afternoon. The job was for ad agency AGH in Den-Bosch and consisted of shooting a X-Mas card for Audi and was meant to have a snow covered back window of an Audi car with the year 1989 cut out. We went to a field between Vught and Den-Bosch where we tried to shoot the vehicle, but that did not work at all. Actually it went a lot worse after that, the shoot was a complete disaster. It took 4 long days and loads of travelling, hiring of gear, get bigger studio etc. And the snow would just not stick to the window……… In the end he had to give the job back. A first for Harry. This was all pre-photoshop days, nowadays a job like this would be a piece of cake.

That was my introduction to professional photography with Harry.

Harry had passed his exams at the photography academy “Gotze Institute” in Haarlem with honours and had been in business for roughly 4 years when I walked in. What I remember from that period is that the first six months, all I did was photography. I ate, drank, slept you name it only photography. The darkroom was my second home and all I did was process and develop. I even pulled the mattress, which was used as a prop, of the balcony and slept on the studio floor. He gave me directions and I just followed them up and I got stuck too cosily in that method. Then one day he bollocked me for not paying attention and then I did and not much later I started to become a proper assistant and sometimes give him my advise on how to light when it came to shoots and made prints for his clients. His folio he printed himself, something he excelled at.

Harry and Bart-1989

After a year Harry had another apprentice join, her name was Petra, and with Petra I ended up shooting untold packaging shots while Harry went out showing his folio to clients and getting more work in. It drove us mad shooting everything on a white back ground, job after job. A great learning school though, as every object placed on a white formica sheet would sometimes have a few challenges in store.

His studio was in the Taal straat in Vught, just underneath Den-Bosch. It was good for fashion and table top photography, but trying to get a car in proved to be a serious mission (we used a jack to reduce its turning circle and swing the car around).

It had a dressing/make-up/editing area. With a darkroom behind  that and an office at the front. In that darkroom I spent many hours printing and developing b&w film (Ilford FP4 and HP5) of my own and also for the jobs we did. He taught me how to print badly, as prints for newspaper ads needed to be a lot softer in contrast than one would normally deliver to the client. And I would observe him in that darkroom as he had some great printing techniques.

One day while making some prints, he came in all rushed and said ”Come on”. We got into his car and drove to Den-Bosch and outside a huge building was a skip and it was loaded with really old cast iron radiators. Harry had managed to borrow a small trailer and we lifted 6 of them into the trailer. They weighed a ton as we could barely lift them ourselves. Harry was a hoarder, anything that could be possibly used as a prop for a shoot in the future was stored.

With Harry I also learned how to explore various techniques available within the trade. Every job had to be lit or processed differently, a fabulous way to learn.

We shot a penguin in Artis Zoo in Amsterdam on a roll of white paper. Out of about 1200 this one was supposedly the calmest one. Well the penguin was not having any of it and bit the care taker’s hand 2 or 3 times and wanted to wander off and not cooperate at all.

We took pictures for an insurance company where we had to re-create the scenes of traffic accidents and we did all this in Vught without asking for a permit or any permission. Harry had even the balls to knock on the door of a random house and asked to tap of some electricity to be able to use the crane vehicle since the campaign was to be shot from right above. These days a drone would capture the whole thing in 4K, no problemo.

Harry had asthma and during the time I was there he was admitted twice to the hospital and was in there for almost a week, I held the fort then and did whatever was needed on the photographic front.

The second Harry came out he wanted to do something for fun in his studio. We ended up doing two shoots that lasted each about 4 days. The first one involved a glass and a bottle underwater in a massive aquarium. The idea was to pour air bubbles from the bottle into the water and going into the glass, so the opposite of pouring water into a glass. This involved a lot of manoeuvring all items about and get the right amount of air to go through. Then we had mirrors upside down resembling spillage like on a table. It was incredible to do,and Harry combined his photographic skills with his love for engineering, amazing really. And so was the next one where we wanted to create a setting of a fisherman standing at the edge of the water on pebbles with a bottle of Glenfiddich lying at his feet, in this case a pair of wellies. The most challenging thing was the splash of water hitting the label, to control this splash and capture it took two days. Tough analogue world 🙂

I ended up doing all the motorway driving. I was to drive his Saab 900 ‘on the side as a learning experience’ without a license nor insurance. I drove a few thousand of miles across The Netherlands while Harry was having a kip on our way to a client.

In Aug of 1990 I left Harry to travel to Milan and try my luck over there, a real friendship had developed during my period as an assistant and I would come back during the summers of 1991 and 1992. The weather was too hot for my liking down south and I would end up do some job or shoot some girls at his studio.

I lived for weeks rent free above his studio and helped him out while he had work. This studio was in Den-Bosch, an argument with his previous landlord (another photographer) made him move out the one in Vught. The studio at The Papier Straat was as big as an air plane hangar and was an absolute joy to work at.

Harry van der Brugghen-Dunkirk-1991.

In 1991 Harry and I drove to Belgium and the north of France on two occasions (Knokke and Dunkirk) to do a shoot with a model called Natasha. We made some wicked pix and when we were in Knokke and just driving away we had a dreadful accident. A young girl on her bike riding the pavement decided to cross the road a few meters in front of us. We drove about 20 miles an hour and she got lifted up by the collision with her face smashing against the window shield right in front of me, her bike went underneath the car and was catapulted 30 feet away.The speed of the car was enough to have a devastating impact. Leorna, only 8 years old, descended into a coma and died about one month later. A dreadful event that left quite a mental scar on both of us, even though we had no blame for it, it was a terrible tragedy that cost a young girl’s life.

Shortly after I made my way back to Italy and stayed there and other European cities to work and had regular contact with Harry.

In January 1993 he called me while I was in Milan, and told me that he had had a fire at his studio, in the dark room to be specific and that everything in there was just molten plastic and charred metal, the rest of the studio was covered in soot. I lost some negatives in that fire. Harry lost lots more, he was in the middle of a massive job for bathroom specialist Willux which involved shoot one bathroom set while the other is being build. This whole campaign was being in danger of being cancelled. Could I come and help him out? Of course!

Harry, Heidi and me after an editorial shoot for Trouwen Magazine,

When I arrived he had gone back to the Brabanthallen as the studio was of no use while the clean-up and painting started, the Brabanthallen was the same place we tried to shoot the snowed under car 4.5 years before. Should have known better, but in that area it was the only thing that was available that big and on short notice.

The job itself went ok, sure it was slowed down but we managed to get things going again and deliver the results within the deadline. But then the client messed us about and even went bankrupt and a shit storm ensued. It bankrupted Harry, it took a few years but the debt caught up with him. This all happened in the mid to late 90’s while I was living in London for a few years already and we sort of lost touch for about 4-5 years.

That was until about 14 years ago when I managed to find him on the net and found his email address. We have stayed in touch ever since. If there was anything photoshop related I needed to know I would go to him and he would talk me though it. Shortly after Harry had spread his wings and was getting good at InDesign as well and started to produce books for kitchen and furniture companies.

In 2014 Harry was diagnosed with cancer and changed his entire way of life and started to take it a lot easier when it came to work. I have visited him from time to time since his diagnosis, and this year I managed to see him quite a few times. In July I saw him twice after initially was thought that his health had rapidly declined, so much so that his wife Monique and his children. The first time in July I passed by with the missus and that very same day they had a little celebration as Dax, his youngest son, had passed his exams. It was a lovely afternoon, and cherished by me and my but I think most of all by Harry

Having taken various experiences from my time with Harry at heart and in the head, to me the most important bit was to concentrate on pre-visualising the photograph you are about to make,

His initial prognosis was Stage 4 and that he did not have that long to live. He managed to stretch that prognosis already 5 times over due to a drastic change in diet and lifestyle. But it caught up with him. His situation had worsened early July. I have seen him once or twice a year for the past 3 or 4 years, and before that as well. When I saw him last week he weighed roughly 56 kgs and looked emancipated. He himself said he looked like a WW2 concentration camp survivor and sadly I have to say that he did. Just before we left on July 20th he told me “I ga nog lange niet weg” (I am not going anywhere for quite some time).

But……Harry passed away on Monday Aug 1st 2016. He is survived by his wife Monique Veenstra and his three children Denise, Manon and Dax.

I have lost a dear friend, colleague and above all mentor who to me was irreplaceable and I miss the fucker already… you loads m8!

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Hastings and Jimmy Bain

I have just read that Jimmy Bain has passed away, I interviewed Jimmy when he was in Dio in 1983 when they played in Utrecht (a video of that show is on youtube) and also at the Pinkpop festival the year after. Really nice and above all down to earth bloke. Had then already plenty of history with Rainbow, Wild Horses and then with Dio.

First Lemmy now Jimmy, two fab bass players in their own right are gone, and the world has become more boring. I read that Last In Line’s debut with Bain is about to be released, so that’ll be on my wishlist then.

As soon as I have my scanner back in operation again I shall post some of Lemmy’s and Jimmy’s images.

A few more images of Hastings.

_BAR7651-Hastings _BAR7522-Hastings _BAR7529-Hastings _BAR7554-Hastings_BAR7606=Hastings

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I had to go to Rome for some business, but had some time to spend on grabbing a few shots while I was there. Twenty years ago I was there as Peter Gallina had an exhibit there at the Palazzo Esposizioni and I had made his prints for him. It was in July 1995 and it was boiling hot and I suffered from a sunstroke (only tourists wander about in the early afternoon…..the Romans know better) and we ended up drinking at the Fico Bar extensively in the evening.

A magical city, even though after the Paris attacks in Nov. 2015 there is a ton of police and military stationed all over town near the landmarks. I went to all the usual places The Trevi fountain, the Colosseum, Pantheon, the Vatican, and naturally some really nice restaurants some of which some were relatively cheap to eat at. Rome itself is quite expensive but since the Euro is weak against the Pound it is do-able.

I managed to capture 6 couples for The KIss, I will use 2 or 3 for the book The Kiss so this means you will have to wait until they have been pubbed. Quite easy to capture them, since it is Italy, almost as easy as Paris.

Weather wise, it poured on Thursday, overcast on Friday, On Saturday a few hours of sun and on Sunday there was not a cloud in the sky. Then of course Rome by night is quite a sight since most of the ruins are lit up to great effect. Best bit, well it was indoors, believe it or not, the Capuchin Crypt, was interesting to see how human bones were turned into artworks. The bones were nailed into the walls and every head of these nails was different. This is not something for everyone, probably too morbid for some, but I found it fascinating to look at. Not as good as the catacombs of Palermo which I saw eleven years ago, still worth a visit.

I shall post some photographs below, copyright Bartolomy, all rights reserved!


Seagull at Museo Centrale del RisorgimentoInside Museo Centrale del RisorgimentoTemplo de SaturnoBack cornwer of the Altar of the FatherlandPantheonThe ColosseumForo di CesareInside the basilica  Zuccari PalaceThe Vatican at sunset

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A new year in The Netherlands and Hastings

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a great X-Mas break. I stayed in London until Dec 28th and then flew to The Netherlands and celebrated New Years Eve over there. A very nice trip. We ended up going to Leiden for the day which was very nice as well, I found a Tiffany lamp store and could have stayed there for hours, the craftsmanship and the colors were just mesmerising.

I posted a few pix of that trip at my Instagram account.

The weekend after we came back we went to Hastings to visit friends. This time I took my camera with me and took a few trainscapes (yes you seen it here first) and some pix involving seagulls. It was really windy but no less fun, as a matter of fact it was just great to be away again and get some fresh air. The couple of pubs we hit were just so different from what is around in London, very enjoyable.

Will post some pix soon, I have to get ready as we are leaving for Rome tomorrow 🙂 Expect lots of boring stuff next week!



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Winter landscapes

Stoke Newington by BartolomyNear Arnhem, Netherlands by BartolomyNear Arnhem, Netherlands by Bartolomy

Some shots I took three years ago in The Netherlands and in Stoke Newington. Since it is Spring I thought I’d post a few wintry landscape photographs.

Moody as always.


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Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Time for a break the missus reckoned and sunshine beckoned. So of we went to The Canaries, this time Lanzarote.

Quite windy and cloudy but plenty of sunshine in the afternoon, went to shoot at Cuava de Los Verdes (bit overpriced if you ask me) and the Cactus Garden and took some close-ups while blurring with the zoom as the shutter speed hinged around 1/30, some pleasing results, then we ended our holiday with a climb up  Montaña Roja, which gives a spectacular view over the whole area.

Some pix:


All photos in this post: copyright: Bartolomy, all rights reserved!


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The Netherlands

A couple of pix from this week’s visit to The Netherlands.

The shot on top was taken at Almelo station early in the morning at the very end of the platform there is an old fashioned waiting room, where somebody had the idea to decorate it minty green.

Makes an interesting shot.

And below that moment when you get from a fully overcast weather environment to a sunny one, ah yes…….



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Terry O’Neill

Just happen to read an interview about Terry O’Neill on the Treats Magazine website (I go there for the interviews honestly……)

I like Terry’s work, some fab images he has made that have stood the test of time, may he sell loads of prints!

One part of the interview stood out, after which I could only exclaim ”EXACTLY”

Here’s a copy and paste of that part from Harvey Kubernik’s interview with Terry O’Neill:

Access to celebrities today isn’t what it used to be. How has this affected your work? 

Yes. You can’t spend time around them when they’re working, which is the most interesting pictures of all. You can’t take off-beat shots of today’s celebrities because of the PRs. The publicists destroyed the type of photography that I do. They forced every star into not letting photographers into their lives, or give them any time. They don’t strike up working relationships with them. It’s awful, really. It’s gonna cause a huge rift in the photographic history of Hollywood for a start. I mean, it’s just gone now. The publicists want approval of everything. The words, the pictures…it’s a joke. If you want to photograph anyone today who is famous you have to do it in a studio or in a hotel room, and the PR stipulates which shots you can release. It has impacted my journey. Absolutely.

That’s precisely the reason I don’t do celebs (personally I don’t care much for the culture around it) and some of the people that hang around them (and that’s what they do hang around…) aren’t very nice people at all and could ruin the making of a great image completely.

The best PRs? Simple. The ones that say you got 20/30 minutes don’t walk off to far and be back in time. Great way to get the job done and everyone goes home happy and the results will be way better.

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Today I happen to receive the 31st AOP Photography Awards 2014 book, each year all members are invited to submit their best work for it to be considered and get honoured for what they have done. Back in the day there were Gold/Silver/Bronze Awards, now you get Best In Category as an accolade.

In the ten years or so that I have been a member of the Association Of Photographers I submitted my work 3x, and it did not go much further than their bin, I just don’t fit in or my work is just shit, I think it is both, end of that debate. So spare yourself the thoughts that I think I am sooooo fucking great…..

The book this time, is not a hard cover but more a magazine style of work with a sleeve jacket, the paper inside is fab, I have to say it makes the pix look great, but that is hardly a plus compared to a hard cover book. The AOP has been plagued a few years back with mismanagement and loss of a lot of money which forced them to sell up their base in Drummond St. and now reside inside Holborn Studios. which in the end is not a bad thing, I am glad they got themselves sorted.

What I totally hate about the book is the fact that certain photographers have submitted 4 images and someone took the decision to only post 3 images of it, why?

I also find the Photoshop overkill on some of the images quite off putting as well, there ought to be a non-photoshop category, and why not a film (that’s photographic emulsion) category as well.

A lot of the work is so similar that I wonder where the distinction of that particular photograph lies, not as terrible as the usual Fashion Porn (no artistic merit, white backdrop, flat lighting, as much detail as possible, not that any brain cares to spend time to process all that data, anyone actually gave that a thought or two? ) but a very good second, and get the same feel every Awards year: ‘Could have been done by anyone…..springs to mind’

My fave pix:

Gary Salter in Non-Commissioned Life Single

Carol Sharp in Non-Commissioned Objects Single

Noel McLaughlin in Project

Adam Hinton in Project

Emma Townsend in Assistant Award Series

Also the missus and I went to Somerset House again, the Guy Bourdin exhibit took so much time that I could not view the Chris Stein exhibit of Blondie pictures, the majority from the 70’s. It was held in the same rooms as the Erwin Blumenfeld show earlier last year (which was fab btw). As a body of work I really liked it, sure it’s an advantage to be in the band and your missus happens to be the lead singer, still it takes a long time, and loads of perseverance to maintain it. Glad I saw it.

And while I was there I slipped into the Bryan Adams exhibit as well, Wounded The Legacy Of War.

Now I have a massive grudge against people that start a photography career after they have become famous for something else. If they were actually great then that would be fine by me, but in 99% that seems to be not the case and use the previous career as a stepping stone to get to a level some of us ‘real’ photographers could only dream off! It’s not cheating as a major US fashion photographer did over 20 years ago, but it’s a great second. Johnny Depp seems to think along that way as well.

This exhibit could have been so much better than just being set in a Fashion Porn environment, why not make it look that war is horrible and slap the viewer in the face with that awful reality than rather in that Ebay advert setting.

I am not only shit, but fucking jealous too………

Finally, let me try and end this rant on a positive note, the nominations for the Zilveren Camera have been selected, and the material is very impressive, there are some fantastic images to be looked at.

Glad I got all this off my chest, I feel so much better now.

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AnneMarie Prince

This is a polaroid transfer of AnneMarie Prince and was taken in 1993 in Den-Bosch. I cross processed the negative as a slide film (that is c41 film  developed as e6) and that gave it this large green tint. I shortly after found out which film to use and what filtering to counteract that.

I then grabbed this slide and put it into a colour enlarger and exposed it on a polaroid back, then processed it (it must have been Polaroid 669), but peeled off the negative after just 15 seconds of processing and mounted it to some white board ( used for mounting prints inside frames) and then used a rubber roller carefully to transfix the image on the board.

This is the only attempt that worked, as the negative tended to ‘slip’ while rolling therefore blurring the end result, hence this being precious, here is the digital scan. I have a load of slides of this shoot which I will scan in at some point and publish. I remember meeting Annemarie in Milano a year or so before this shoot. Lovely person to work with.

Model: AnneMarie Prince
Hair and make-up: Karin Melissant.

Anne-Marie Prince Den Bosch 1993

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Farnborough Air Show

Taken a while back at The Farnborough Air Show and stacked on top of each other, just playin’



I am going on tour with Lord Wilson next week, so expect a load of Die! Die! Die! antics shortly.

Also dropped my scanner off again at Nikon for a bi-annual clean-up / repair and I hope I can resume scanning my archive after that.

And last but not least I am working on building a new website, had a dabble these past few days already and I hope to have something to show around the holidays.

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Been a while

It has been a few months since I have been posting here, and besides using my iPhone on Instagram it doesn’t amount to much.

In the mean time, time allowing, some changes to a new website and photographs will be done as well and especially the metal stuff, I have made a load of scans but there is so much more to do.

Then the design museum portraits, I have worked on a lot of them a while back and they will be published shortly. Over the 4 year period that I made those portraits the technique has grown so the older shots deserve another ‘look’.

The Kiss is still ongoing, but I take them more with my iPhone than with my Nikon gear, here’s one I shot last week in Shoreditch.


And a nice rainbow shot last night while dangling outside my bedroom window. Rainbow_Over_Stoke_newington-by_Bartolomy_BAR3937

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New Faces Profile Models

First to arrive Poppy J., amazing model, strong features and great personality.


 Next was Sienna S. from Derbyshire. Fabulous hair and looks.


And finally Nancy.

Her first shoot and she did very well.


All at Profile Models.


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Profile Models New Faces

Last Sunday I went back into the studio again, it had been just over 8 months. Managed to photograph three young girls from Profile Models.

First one who popped round was Charlotte W., with her mom Sue. I must admit I felt a bit rusty at first but once I had things set up it all went very smoothly. I changed sets and lighting around to make it a bit more interesting and get a bit of variation in moods.

This was Charlotte’s very first photo shoot and by taking that into account I have to say that she did extremely well. Here are a few.


Next was Lola P., discovered a few years ago on the street when she was twelve ,now with Profile Models and her mom is a photographer too and it shows as she is at ease in front of the lens.


And finally Rosanna, where I managed to get one of my personal favorite photographs. She did great, for it being her second ever shoot.


All three girls have major potential to further their modelling career and I wish them the very best of luck with that!

Thanks girls!

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Flowers from Summer 2012

Here are some flowers I have just scanned in from cross processed Ektachrome film (EPY to be exact), the pix were taken by me last year in the Spring and Summer, it took me more than 6 months to have this processed and another 6 to get them scanned in, how’s that for sticking to a deadline 🙂

The Lillies’ film got fogged due to light creeping in, however it is only partial, in the middle and not at the end of the film, the lab guys at Labyrinth  had never seen anything like this before. Oh well, it still good enough for me, so here goes:

Yellow Rose 2-7 by Bartolomy.jpgYellow Tulip 2-10 by Bartolomy.jpgDaffodills 3-12 by Bartolomy.jpgIris 16-12 by Bartolomy.jpgLillies 20-12 by Bartolomy.jpgPoppy 18-3 by Bartolomy.jpgPoppy 18-8 by Bartolomy.jpg

Paul Fusco

I don’t really write, or comment about other photographers.

In fashion i/e there are not many that I really admire, and the ones that I do have achieved granddad status 🙂 or are not among us anymore. The ones that have been added on the so called BIG status these past two decades not one has ‘moved’ me as these old timers have. I have to confess I have not bought a fashion mag in more than a decade, but I do check them out and I catch myself to go through them faster and faster for the sheer vacuousness they display.

If you think of shooting with a large umbrella in front of a white backdrop is edgy and ground breaking, then think again, people like Albert Watson, Bill King, Bert Stern, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn did it decades before you and a lot better too, the fact that this way of displaying fashion images is still being used shows the real conservative side of the fashion industry, Juergen Teller changed his style from cross processing to a more simpler approach (and incorporating a ring flash) and it brought him a lot of success, to me his shots became a lot more uninteresting, that’s my personal opinion, like it or not.

These days any young photographer will spunk a set out for free just to get published in the one too many online/print magazines which hardly anyone is bothered to read in the first place, no need to delude yourself it is a fact. Part of the blame is also to the huge flood of digital images which has devalued this profession to scrap. The Chicago Sun Times just dropped all their 28 photographers, one of them being a Pulitzer price winner John H. White. The paper will ask their correspondents to come up with the photos and videos.

I could go on and rant like the next dissatisfied armchair critic, so I better stop.

Here is something to spend a few minutes of your quality time on, the RFK funeral train, Paul Fusco’s photographs which I personally find one of the most moving set of shots I have ever seen.  It makes a project like The Bench look pussy. The funny thing about that project I did is that I personally feel the least connected with it in an emotional way as I always thought ”anyone else can do this”, yet overall everyone likes it a lot, I have only received two negative feedback against hundreds of positive ones.

One day I hope to understand that  unemotionally involved pix of mine get more appreciation than the ones I bleed my heart and soul out for.



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Dancers backstage Hippodrome Great Yarmouth

Dancers stretching before the show at The Hippodrome in Great Yarmouth.

Jan. 2006, a week after my dad passed away.


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It’s X-Mas, well Boxing Day actually, and Terri and I have a had a brilliant X-mas day, a few cool pressies and a killer dinner made by the missus, perfect.

On a sad note I just dropped off my Nikon Coolscan LS9000 at the post office again, the day before, to have it shipped to Nikon for another fix, the third in 3 years.  Just finished doing the military book and now just before starting on the nudes with accessories shoot I did on film it has decided to pack it all in. This is a bit of a set back as I am away the next few weeks, but I hope they will have it done in the 2nd week of Jan, otherwise no work on this shoot gets done until end of Jan. Bit dissapointed about the manufacturing build of the  scanner and how often it fails and has to be sent back to Nikon. But at this point there are limited alternatives.

This is the shoot I also did some on Polagraph film, a 35 mm instant polaroid film from more than ten years ago. I shot 20 rolls of EPY (that’s Kodak Ektachrome 64 for those not in the know) alongside it and intend to use that material as the polagraph slides are a little too dark and do not allow any dodging or burning for that matter at all.

Meanwhile I am backing up a truckload of dvds of old shoots from the period 2004-2007, the happiest moment was when I found some lost shots of our holiday in Palermo in high res format from 2004, I am thrilled to have them back. I shall post a few in due course.

This is also a soft introduction to the new website and being hosted on a new server, this one is EU based and speeds have drastically improved so it will be a lot better browsing through galleries all over, special thanks go to Jochen Maess for setting this up.


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The Netherlands

I am in The Netherlands for a few days, the first day of my arrival I, landed in Eindhoven this time,  and left for ‘t Harde where I was going to meet some of my mates who I used to be with  in our platoon at 444 Inf. Bev. Cie.  stationed at Crailo not far from Bussum.

I had not seen this lot since 1990, so it was a real joy meeting up at The Site (a bunker complex on military land that was used for storing so called American Nuclear Artillery shells and now is being used for exercises). None of us had been here since August 1988 so it was odd to see the whole place again, a lot of its original features still standing up. At this point it has been left undecided what to actually do with it.

The pix are taken inside the limited area which was normally very hard to get entry to back then. Anyway, long story cut short, I loved every minute of it, meeting my pals from back then, some great stories were told and we left as overweight cows from the Chinese/Indonesian restaurant A La Wok in ‘t Harde, it was good.

Showed the very first copy of the book I put together about our antics while doing military service at 444 I.B.C. in 1987 & 1988.

We had some lovely weather on Friday, some pix I took with my iPhone:

c57-photo 2 (5)-low.jpgdeur w1-2-low.jpgphoto 3 (3)-low.jpgphoto 3 (4)-low.jpgphoto 3 (6)-low.jpgphoto 4 (5)-low.jpgphoto 4 (7)-low.jpgphoto 5 (2)-low.jpgphoto 5 (3)-low.jpgW1-1-low.jpgw1-3-low.jpg

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