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Greetings! I am working hard on a new website so first you will only get to see blog posts with archived posts and also old photographs taken during my career. Gradually the look and mechanics will improve. I have regained my mobility so will start shooting again yay!

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Scanning again

Bought a desktop PC for peanuts and managed to get the scanner working again, which is after almost 3 years of non activity. The setup has improved that much that speed and cataloging is a lot better than ever before. So over the next few weeks expect a ton of stuff, fashion shoots from the

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Since Sept. 1st I have been released from hospital. What should have been a routine one day situation on June 8th turned into a 80 day nightmare with eleven operations (9 fully under, 2 local in case you wanted to know) as the infection inside my foot proved to be much harder to control than

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Abney Park

I live not far away from it yet it had been quite some time I had visited Abney Park. I remember the first time being roughly 15 years ago when I worked on the Derelict Sensation Project. The park does look better on sunny days.    

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Exactly two weeks ago I was in Porto for a weekend break with the missus. Lovely town to spend some time off in. We stayed at The Pestana, which was right at the front. And right across from the port distilleries which we visited for a taster. The bridges are very imposing with their Meccano style

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Malta and Gozo

A few shots from my recent break in Malta and Gozo. I took some snaps of the places we visited and also messed around with blurring. I managed to get a few shots for The Kiss as well. I shall post one of the better ones.   These pix are taken of Valletta, Azure Window,

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Die Die Die in Paris and London

The boys are back in town, mainly to record a new album and to do a couple of warm up shows before they embark on a two week tour in China. I catch the Eurostar a few hours before they arrive in Paris and wander about the Montmartre district, an area I had not been

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My mentor

My mentor Harry van der Brugghen. In October/November 1988. I left the military at the end of August and wanted to continue with photographic studies. I had my work published on most Heavy Metal bands from 1982 until 1987 and during my military service (1987/88) I had my camera with me at all times. After my stint

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Hastings and Jimmy Bain

I have just read that Jimmy Bain has passed away, I interviewed Jimmy when he was in Dio in 1983 when they played in Utrecht (a video of that show is on youtube) and also at the Pinkpop festival the year after. Really nice and above all down to earth bloke. Had then already plenty of history

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I had to go to Rome for some business, but had some time to spend on grabbing a few shots while I was there. Twenty years ago I was there as Peter Gallina had an exhibit there at the Palazzo Esposizioni and I had made his prints for him. It was in July 1995 and it

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Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Time for a break the missus reckoned and sunshine beckoned. So of we went to The Canaries, this time Lanzarote. Quite windy and cloudy but plenty of sunshine in the afternoon, went to shoot at Cuava de Los Verdes (bit overpriced if you ask me) and the Cactus Garden and took some close-ups while blurring

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The Netherlands

A couple of pix from this week's visit to The Netherlands. The shot on top was taken at Almelo station early in the morning at the very end of the platform there is an old fashioned waiting room, where somebody had the idea to decorate it minty green. Makes an interesting shot. And below that moment when

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Terry O’Neill

Just happen to read an interview about Terry O'Neill on the Treats Magazine website (I go there for the interviews honestly......) I like Terry's work, some fab images he has made that have stood the test of time, may he sell loads of prints! One part of the interview stood out, after which I could only

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Today I happen to receive the 31st AOP Photography Awards 2014 book, each year all members are invited to submit their best work for it to be considered and get honoured for what they have done. Back in the day there were Gold/Silver/Bronze Awards, now you get Best In Category as an accolade. In the

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AnneMarie Prince

This is a polaroid transfer of AnneMarie Prince and was taken in 1993 in Den-Bosch. I cross processed the negative as a slide film (that is c41 film  developed as e6) and that gave it this large green tint. I shortly after found out which film to use and what filtering to counteract that. I

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Farnborough Air Show

Taken a while back at The Farnborough Air Show and stacked on top of each other, just playin'   I am going on tour with Lord Wilson next week, so expect a load of Die! Die! Die! antics shortly. Also dropped my scanner off again at Nikon for a bi-annual clean-up / repair and I

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Been a while

It has been a few months since I have been posting here, and besides using my iPhone on Instagram it doesn't amount to much. In the mean time, time allowing, some changes to a new website and photographs will be done as well and especially the metal stuff, I have made a load of scans

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New Faces Profile Models

First to arrive Poppy J., amazing model, strong features and great personality.  Next was Sienna S. from Derbyshire. Fabulous hair and looks. And finally Nancy. Her first shoot and she did very well. All at Profile Models.  

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Profile Models New Faces

Last Sunday I went back into the studio again, it had been just over 8 months. Managed to photograph three young girls from Profile Models. First one who popped round was Charlotte W., with her mom Sue. I must admit I felt a bit rusty at first but once I had things set up it

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Flowers from Summer 2012

Here are some flowers I have just scanned in from cross processed Ektachrome film (EPY to be exact), the pix were taken by me last year in the Spring and Summer, it took me more than 6 months to have this processed and another 6 to get them scanned in, how's that for sticking to

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Paul Fusco

I don't really write, or comment about other photographers. In fashion i/e there are not many that I really admire, and the ones that I do have achieved granddad status :) or are not among us anymore. The ones that have been added on the so called BIG status these past two decades not one

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It's X-Mas, well Boxing Day actually, and Terri and I have a had a brilliant X-mas day, a few cool pressies and a killer dinner made by the missus, perfect. On a sad note I just dropped off my Nikon Coolscan LS9000 at the post office again, the day before, to have it shipped to

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The Netherlands

I am in The Netherlands for a few days, the first day of my arrival I, landed in Eindhoven this time,  and left for 't Harde where I was going to meet some of my mates who I used to be with  in our platoon at 444 Inf. Bev. Cie.  stationed at Crailo not far

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