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Since Sept. 1st I have been released from hospital. What should have been a routine one day situation on June 8th turned into a 80 day nightmare with eleven operations (9 fully under, 2 local in case you wanted to know) as the infection inside my foot proved to be much harder to control than was originally believed. The first month I stayed at UCLH where the views aren’t bad.

The View from UCLH.

The View from UCLH.

Then I was sent to The Royal Free in Hampstead where things did not improve at all, in fact they deteriorated badly and only after pumping up to a pint’s worth of antibiotics intravenously of two different types in Aug. did things brighten up, be it at a slow pace. I think I am very lucky to keep quite a good part of the foot and that I eventually ought to be walking as normal again. Fingers crossed.

I take my iPhone downstairs and manage to snag a shot of one of the operating staff peeking through. Phones and cams are not allowed down there so I have to hand it back to the nurse, but the shot is in the bag.

Without feeling the need to brag I was under pretty heroic morphine dosages for the entire period as well, and this concluded with a terrible  comedown, while at home, after I finished the oral course in the third week of Sept., I do not wish the terrible 50 odd hours I had, to anyone, it is utter hell. The detox from Trainspotting comes to mind if you need  visual comparison….. 🙂

Roughly a quarter of the syringes of Morphine I had.

Lying on a bed for a long time gets you thinking and I am going to start shooting more. For starters some metal shows. I am going to start scanning more of my archive in for the book projects I halted for a while, and also will set up some sort of printing service as well.

I still have a few months to go and do not expect things to have settled for the best until well into the new year, but things are going good.



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In November it will have been ten years ago that I took these. I was there with Capricorns, as they opened and Made Out Of Babies, who are Neurosis’ label mates and performed in between them.

Great show, the lighting made it near impossible to shoot images that were not blurred, then again that added to the drama as well. I remember we had the full set at our disposal, as long no one used flash and I think I shot almost for the entire duration.

Near the end of the show some of the band Made Out Of Babies came on stage and dove into the crowd. This upset Scott Kelley to such an extend that he headbutted the microphone 2x so  that he had a huge red mark on his forehead. He also smashed a mirror on his way to the dressing room.

Little did I know that when I went to the dressing room of Capricorns that Scott Kelley was standing in the door frame of the Made Out Of Babies dressing room next door and it was total friendly banter between them, this is only just after the show. Scott Kelley was leaning in their dressing room and his right bloody arm was holding him up against the hallway wall. I did not take the shot, whereas I should have……………

Neurosis - The Forum 2006Neurosis - The Forum 2006Neurosis - The Forum 2006Neurosis - The Forum 2006Neurosis - The Forum 2006Neurosis - The Forum 2006Neurosis - The Forum 2006Neurosis - The Forum 2006

East West Models in Milano

Milano Oct 199025 years ago while living in Milano I tested a lot of girls (ok some boys too….), and East West Models (an agency now only in Frankfurt, Germany) was one of the agencies I worked with besides Beatrice, Fashion, Ricardo Guy, WhyNot and Marcella Studio. Milano was  a place to go and get a book together, that and Paris were the cities to do this in Europe. I reckon it has changed all a tad and spread out more.

Anyway I came across this contact sheet and for the life of me I cannot remember her name nor can I find the negs. So that makes it twice as hard while looking at this contact sheet. Hopefully I find the negatives and be able to draw some scans of them.

Shot these in October 1990, I was staying at a small pensione south of Cordusio with my pals and the street behind was a quiet place to shoot at.

I remember a week before that I did a shoot and one of the main streets, after I had finished a roll I looked back and saw 500 people standing behind me 🙂

Die! Die! Die! London Fields Brewhouse

Almost taken a month ago, completely forgot about these.

I wasn’t going to shoot Die Die Die at all but thought what the heck, and I am glad I did as the b&w lighting (merely due to absence of a lighting guy for the first 20 odd mins) worked in my favor. The LED lighting is a pet hate of mine, I am too bloody old fashioned with a preference for a more pointed light than just a wash.


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Chantal in Bergamo

Shot a very long time ago, I think it was 1991, Chantal who was back then with De Boekers.

Wearing Azzedine Alaia, and taken in the old city of Bergamo, Italy.

Chantal_in_Bergamo- 1.jpgChantal_in_Bergamo- 2.jpgChantal_in_Bergamo- 3.jpgChantal_in_Bergamo- 8.jpgChantal_in_Bergamo-9.jpg

Kate Alexis

Shot near Morden.

Published for Archant Magazines a few years back, got the cover too. Also added some outtakes.

I remember we had to hide under the trees as we got caught out by a heavy shower.

Styling: Jackie Beeke.

Hair and make-up: Charlotte Fisher.

Model: Kate Alexis.


Where Were You-1.jpgWhere Were You-2.jpgWhere Were You-3.jpgWhere Were You-4.jpgWhere Were You-5.jpgWhere Were You-6.jpgWhere Were You-7.jpg

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Been a while

It has been a few months since I have been posting here, and besides using my iPhone on Instagram it doesn’t amount to much.

In the mean time, time allowing, some changes to a new website and photographs will be done as well and especially the metal stuff, I have made a load of scans but there is so much more to do.

Then the design museum portraits, I have worked on a lot of them a while back and they will be published shortly. Over the 4 year period that I made those portraits the technique has grown so the older shots deserve another ‘look’.

The Kiss is still ongoing, but I take them more with my iPhone than with my Nikon gear, here’s one I shot last week in Shoreditch.


And a nice rainbow shot last night while dangling outside my bedroom window. Rainbow_Over_Stoke_newington-by_Bartolomy_BAR3937

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While being on a quick break I had some time to catch up on a few movies, the new Scorcese film The Wolf Of Wall St which I loved, the pace, editing and above all the cinematography, it is just a feast for the eyes. Laughed out loud a few times and felt it really reminded me in some parts of Goodfellas. Then I saw Captain Phillips and that could have been as good were it not for the terrible last 30 minutes of the Navy getting involved and Hollywood trying to jazz up the rescue mission and its ‘America all the way’ attitude, the film got wankered by this.

Sherlock has finished and to me it proved to be a self indulgent affair for the director and its crew only for the third episode to be of some quality, and yes Moriarty we did miss you, come back as all is forgiven!  The Fifth Estate  with Benedict Cumberbatch could have been a lot better as well, the whole thing is just too shallow, compare this to say The Social Network and then you realise it takes a great director to take a rather dull subject to turn into a a great film of great heights, a missed opportunity indeed.

Her with Joaquin Phoenix, directed by Spike Jonze proved to be an original and unique film which makes you think about where we are heading to tech wise in the future, I liked it quite a lot. Jamesy Boy was just mwah. And finally Lone Survivor a Mark Wahlberg Seals mission flick, some of it based on true happenings, a blokes film indeed, still very watchable but again there’s that America all the way jingo……. And finally Last Vegas to which my girlfriend commented on ‘I could have written that script’ and indeed, this should have been written by a degenerate drug fiend and you would have had a killer film, now it’s pensioners all the way, another missed opportunity. Lastly Mob City which production-wise was terrible and you have no care for the characters at all, a letdown especially when you get the guy, Frank Darabont,  who did Shawshank Redemption do this.


Ice Age

After I left military service (444 IBC) in August 1988 I stayed at my parents’ house for a few months where I managed to get on their nerves and was more or less told to get my act together (read: get a job and move out 🙂 ) so I started to become an apprentice at Harry van der Brugghen’s studio Ima’gine in the south of Holland in Den-Bosch, where I became his assistant later on.

Harry was an advertising photographer who taught me pretty much everything from late Oct 1988 to Aug 1990. No job was ever the same, and if it did we (Petra Banning the other assistant and I) would bitch to him about how mundane the work had become.

Anyway, having shot bands from mid-1982 to late 1987 and putting a stop to it because of time restraints of the military service, but also because how common the whole metal scene had become, a load of fanzines/magazines had become the competition plus the fact that I had ventured into advertising photography I remember that in 1989 I only shot two shows, one being the Dynamo Festival with Savatage and Armored Saint, and Ice Age.

Ice Age consisted of 4 foxy chicks and hailed from Sweden. Pia Nyström mailed me their demo tape as she thought I was still active with my fanzine Headbanger and would do a review, I was impressed by the Swedish female thrashers and I visited them at the Elckerlyc in Luttenberg (a venue in a  highly religious community that had Mercyful Fate, Slayer, Vandenberg and Nasty Savage play there, oh the irony….. This was on Feb 17th 1989 and I only know the date as that is what is written on the contact sheets. Grunge was about to kill off quite a few types of metal, especially the hairspray bands got a right kicking, and Thrash Metal had run its course after 5/6 years as well.

I ended up shooting during and after the soundcheck and also at their show, I don’t think the pix ever got picked up by the foreign mags I used to write and shoot for. The other thing that I also remember was Pia writing to me after the show that the band in that particular line up of Sabrina Kihlstrand – Vocals/Guitar, Pia Nyström – Lead guitar, Vicky Larsson – Bass and Tina Strömberg – Drums had ceased to exist. Looking at these images I see some improvement compared to the shots I used to do before I started working at Harry’s. For starters I shot more material than I used to. Scanning them in for the very first time and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. I post two as I save the good stuff for the book of course.

Ice Age-Luttenberg-Feb 1989-1-

Ice Age-Luttenberg-Feb 1989-51-

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Last week went to Holland to see my mom and hang around for a few days, I was looking forward to it as I felt the need for a break from London.

Besides chatting and hanging about I got up one morning early to see if I could shoot some interesting shots of the sunrise since the weather over there was bliss, not a cloud in the sky for the entire period I was there.

I got lucky and managed to take some atmospheric scenery pictures of Vriezenveen.


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Eyem and Snapseed

I have just added Eyeem and Snapseed to my Iphone and they are some great photography apps.

Eyem is a serious contender against Instagram, especially since it’s T&C are a lot more friendlier than Instagrams’ , especially after that revision a few months back.

Snapseed is an app by Nik who make great filtering applications used in conjunction with photoshop users. Great fun!

Will publish a load of pix I have worked on lately next week.

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Jeremy Ramsden

I have just found out that Jeremy Ramsden has passed away after suffering a fatal stroke. Jeremy was a printer who I met at LTI in the late 90’s and who did some of my folio and editorial prints before it all went digital. I saw him last in December at Labyrinth, his latest venture.

His premature death is a loss to the  London photographic community, my thoughts are with his family and the crew at Labyrinth.

An obituary can be read HERE

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Happy New Year!

HNY everyone, may 2013 bring you lots of prosperity and in good  health!

Took a few snaps with my IPhone while the missus and I are in Holland, the weather has been grey but largely dry. We took off one day to go to Gouda, a city I have traveled through many times but never visited before. Stunning little town, especially in the center with a lot of its history intact from 2/300 years ago, a joy to walk along the canals and see the splendid architecture. The pix were posted on my Instagram account.


New site on new server

So I have managed to finally move servers and also re-do the website, I hope everyone is happy with the loading speeds and the gallery amendments.