Die! Die! Die! in Brighton and London

It’s that time of the year again, Die! Die! Die! are playing Europe this summer and of course a soiree in the U.K. was included. I joined them last week at their Brighton and London dates, this is  their third trip to the EU now in about 9 months time and this tour is quite long (three months) and they are hitting almost every European country.

They have already been on the road for six weeks when I catch up with them in Brighton. Lord Wilson is in a good mood and even lets me shoot them on the beach in front of both piers in Brighton, thing is it is raining, very fine misty rain, the one where you do not realise you are getting a right soaking. My lens is getting wet and I have to wipe the glass every few frames, focusing becomes a problem, still I manage to nab a few nice ones.

The show itself is very good, of the 30 odd shows I have seen them play they still have to play a bad one. London the next day at The Shacklewell Arms (I  do not care how trendy the gaff is DDD do not belong here) is an even better show but I do not shoot a lot of pix, as there are only 2 lights on stage and they are only beaming red.

I was supposed to jump in the van with them and go up north to Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow but a funeral prevented me from joining them. The band are still on the continent until the end of Sept. from which they are going straight to Japan to continue their tour of Harmony. The new album has been recorded and should be out next year.

Here is a spread from Damaged Goods Mag with my pix from the November 2012 and March 2013 shows.

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