East West Models in Milano

Milano Oct 199025 years ago while living in Milano I tested a lot of girls (ok some boys too….), and East West Models (an agency now only in Frankfurt, Germany) was one of the agencies I worked with besides Beatrice, Fashion, Ricardo Guy, WhyNot and Marcella Studio. Milano was  a place to go and get a book together, that and Paris were the cities to do this in Europe. I reckon it has changed all a tad and spread out more.

Anyway I came across this contact sheet and for the life of me I cannot remember her name nor can I find the negs. So that makes it twice as hard while looking at this contact sheet. Hopefully I find the negatives and be able to draw some scans of them.

Shot these in October 1990, I was staying at a small pensione south of Cordusio with my pals and the street behind was a quiet place to shoot at.

I remember a week before that I did a shoot and one of the main streets, after I had finished a roll I looked back and saw 500 people standing behind me :)