Film scans

The last few days I have had my scanner on and threw a few negs in  and low and behold we have a few shots to show :) Obviously these are the rejects / outtakes, call it what you want it, and the good stuff stays ‘secret’ until the book will be published, but at least it will give everyone some idea of what is to be expected.

Here are two shots of Kiss live at Donington (1996) from the best photo pit I ever worked in, check the videos on YouTube and you will see for yourself. These I took with my Olympys Mju a small compact camera which I only took a few shots with as I did (back then) all my work on a Pentax 67. I will try and regularly post some scans.


Been listening to the new Hell album Curse & Chapter, a worthy follow up to Human Remains, great sounding NWOBHM. I would like to see them again on tour next year, it seems I missed them when they played London with Carcass in Nov.

Of all the stuff I have watched lately only one thing really jumped out and that was Prisoners with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gylenhaal, strong film.

Going to Holland after X-Mas and I hope to go on a quick holiday in January to break this wintry spell.

Kiss-1996-2-small Kiss-1996-5-small