Originally shot for Spindle Mag.
Suzanne Strutt & Zoe Brown photographed by: Bartolomy.
Styling: Kate Carnegie
Hair and make-up: Ken


Dominic Von Trapp (guitar and vocals), Michael Hayes (guitar and vocals), Ken Box (piano), Deano Harrington (bass), Dan Brown (drums) and Kris Jones (trumpet) shot at The Water Rats Oct. 25th & Nov. 15th 2011 by Bartolomy

It wasn’t my intend to create a music video at all, just play around with the Pansonic HDC-TM10, and only after the first show on Oct 25th with the footage I had taken along with the stills did I decide to shoot some more footage at the next gig on Nov. 15th. as I knew that with a little more footage I would be able to put something together. Fun to do.