Gersande Coudyser & Ivane Grondin

Gersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR0715.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR0933.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR1245.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR1549.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR1918.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR1784.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR1993.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR2018.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR2361.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR2432.jpg

Here are some shots from a  shoot way back.

Styling: Juli Molnar

Hair: Jane Hodson

Make-up: Charlotte Fisher

Models: Gersande Coudyser and Ivane Grondin at Profile Models.




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