Jamie Dornan

So I have been watching The Fall the other day,just about to finish the last ep., and it has Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame in there having the lead role.

Then there is Jamie Dornan the serial killer, and the name kept ringing a bell. But it was more his face, I don’t really forget a face (I hope to run some day into the f***ing burglar who passed me on the steps in my then flat in Finsbury Park).

It nags me when I can’t figure out which person or what the title is of a  certain film and so forth so I end up going through all the composite cards of all the  models I have photographed over the last two decades  and there he is and it all comes back to me.

I shot him while doing a job for Donovan Pascal’s designs for Pascalokada, which we took in Seven Sisters at Marina Avraam’s space above her studio. These were done in  2004. He ended up becoming a big model (doing campaigns for Calvin Klein, Aquascutum and Banana Republic).

Still nice pix, he has  a great look and good for him playing a baddie in major BBC drama, go get ’em ;)

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