While in hospital I said to myself i am going to do something fun photography-wise, and that is shooting metal bands again. First show to shoot for Metal Forces is Metallica. Last time I shot them mid 80’s on The Puppets tour. Last seen live in 2009.

I have never shot in the o2 arena and with Metallica this doesn’t prove to be much fun, as we are about 50 meters from the stage for 3 songs, meaning shooting at 300-400 mm, like a sports photographer. No chance to smell Metallica at all…..

Metallica-o2 Arena Oct. 24th 2017 by Bartolomy

Metallica sound good although the first song sounds boomy, but once sorted it is all systems go. Well for three songs for me, as we are escorted out of the venue while Leper Messiah is kicking off. I had not seen the band for a while and would not have minded to see some more.

I loved the LED cubes, which could be suspended down and raised up in various formations,, for the visuals,

Metallica-o2 Arena Oct. 24th 2017 by Bartolomy

The light show, at times very impressive, a lot of B&W lighting, but very erratic at times which drives the camera light meter bonkers…ah well.

Then all of the sudden Lars Ulrich spots me and points to my lens from almost 50 meters away.

Metallica-o2 Arena Oct. 24th 2017 by Bartolomy.


Tough to do this, and my first time shooting from such a distance.