While being on a quick break I had some time to catch up on a few movies, the new Scorcese film The Wolf Of Wall St which I loved, the pace, editing and above all the cinematography, it is just a feast for the eyes. Laughed out loud a few times and felt it really reminded me in some parts of Goodfellas. Then I saw Captain Phillips and that could have been as good were it not for the terrible last 30 minutes of the Navy getting involved and Hollywood trying to jazz up the rescue mission and its ‘America all the way’ attitude, the film got wankered by this.

Sherlock has finished and to me it proved to be a self indulgent affair for the director and its crew only for the third episode to be of some quality, and yes Moriarty we did miss you, come back as all is forgiven!  The Fifth Estate  with Benedict Cumberbatch could have been a lot better as well, the whole thing is just too shallow, compare this to say The Social Network and then you realise it takes a great director to take a rather dull subject to turn into a a great film of great heights, a missed opportunity indeed.

Her with Joaquin Phoenix, directed by Spike Jonze proved to be an original and unique film which makes you think about where we are heading to tech wise in the future, I liked it quite a lot. Jamesy Boy was just mwah. And finally Lone Survivor a Mark Wahlberg Seals mission flick, some of it based on true happenings, a blokes film indeed, still very watchable but again there’s that America all the way jingo……. And finally Last Vegas to which my girlfriend commented on ‘I could have written that script’ and indeed, this should have been written by a degenerate drug fiend and you would have had a killer film, now it’s pensioners all the way, another missed opportunity. Lastly Mob City which production-wise was terrible and you have no care for the characters at all, a letdown especially when you get the guy, Frank Darabont,  who did Shawshank Redemption do this.