In November it will have been ten years ago that I took these. I was there with Capricorns, as they opened and Made Out Of Babies, who are Neurosis’ label mates and performed in between them.

Great show, the lighting made it near impossible to shoot images that were not blurred, then again that added to the drama as well. I remember we had the full set at our disposal, as long no one used flash and I think I shot almost for the entire duration.

Near the end of the show some of the band Made Out Of Babies came on stage and dove into the crowd. This upset Scott Kelley to such an extend that he headbutted the microphone 2x so  that he had a huge red mark on his forehead. He also smashed a mirror on his way to the dressing room.

Little did I know that when I went to the dressing room of Capricorns that Scott Kelley was standing in the door frame of the Made Out Of Babies dressing room next door and it was total friendly banter between them, this is only just after the show. Scott Kelley was leaning in their dressing room and his right bloody arm was holding him up against the hallway wall. I did not take the shot, whereas I should have……………

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