On tour with Lord Wilson, Prainy, Logie and Attwell.

Been on tour with Die! Die! Die!.

Did Paris, Brussels, Brighton and London. All good shows, the Paris and London ones being outstanding, Paris loves Die! Die! Die! that’s for sure. I did not shoot a lot of pix, but compensated that with some filming, which eventually will surface….


I left for Paris early in the morning on the Eurostar since I wanted to walk about and take a few shots, found a few shots for The Kiss obviously around the Eiffel Tower. Nice day, dry at least, until the band arrived ;), it actually started to pour.


The band play in a squat, La Miroiterie, in the 20th district, a cool and very cosmopolitan neighborhood.  The squat itself will be leveled this summer so they have parties there every night. The place is rammed with peeps over 30 years old and the 40 somethings seem to be up for  partying the most as they crowd surf more than any other. A fantastic show crowd wise, my all time fave. Lord Wilson’s response: “this is nothing, NZ beats this hands down”…….. I head back to my hotel down the road, the band kips at the promoter’s flat in north west Paris, where I hook up with them the next morning. Although tight, the seating accommodation in the back of the van is not like Ryanair.

Brussels the next day at Magasin4, not a bad sized place, if you play for 300+ people not when you have 80 odd.

A big stage and some proper lights, yay. I shoot the whole show from all around the stage. We end up kipping there as well, the place resembles a set of Stalag 17, 14 bunk beds in one room, we are fortunate, we are NOT sharing :).

We do not see a functioning shower so we leave for Brighton unwashed. Again at Customs the band members are picked out for preferential treatment and we end up waiting for a Customs Officer to finish his ten minute break while handling the case (I kid you not!).

The Brighton show at Green Door, I only video as it has only two lights setup, sound and show wise the least favorite of all four shows. Only 40 dd people bother, you wonder why when they ask for £ 9.00 on the door.

Instead of staying with friends we all make our way back to London to get to our own places and have a wash.

London the next day at The Hoxton Bar & Grill is a great show as well. Sounding tight, Lord Wilson & co. let rip and there is great crowd participation, no Paris, but still an excellent show.

I also shot them at Lightship 95, right across from The Dome, where they have started to record tracks for their new album.

Some more pix:

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