Palermo 2004

I found some high res images of a trip I did in May 2004 in Palermo and also at Mondello (the beach area just outside the city). I deemed all material lost of higher res, all I had was a set of large thumbnail images. It was the first thing I recorded with my new digital camera back then. And due to some screw up I deemed the high res images lost, as the raws were gone too. Well while backing up the discs I made in 2004-2007 I came across a set of images, all with their description, so I am very happy to have them ‘back’.

Funny thing is, that I shot pix of kissing couples there, I did not think back then to turn it into The Kiss already, as I shot The Bench a year after this trip and then in 2006 started toying with The Kiss I am showing one shot, there are four which will go into the book of The Kiss which I will start working on in Feb./March


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