The Bench

The bench was shot in the south-east of England over a period of 6 weeks while waiting for our house sale to go through. Having lived in a rented house before that and moving to a 2 bed 2nd floor flat with no outside space had a  profound effect on me and resulted in ‘observing’ The Bench across the road. A total of 243 images were taken and will be published in bookform in the Summer of 2015.

The full set can be viewed HERE


The bench by Bartolomy-1.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-10.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-12.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-13.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-14.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-15.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-16.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-18.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-2.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-3.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-5.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-7.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-8.jpgThe bench by Bartolomy-9.jpg