Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria

photocrati galleryA lot of the island of Gran Canaria along the coast is very built up, but the last village on the southern coast Puerto de Mogan has escaped, so far, the huge apartment complexes and the lit up boulevards rammed with  KFC and other related establishments that offer no real value. Puerto de Mogan is sleepy compared to its neighbouring villages and towns, only to wake up on Friday where a huge market is being set up. Other than that a beach front with many restaurants, of which the majority offer the same touristic tapas fare or try to lure you in with a large beer for 2 euros (it seems to work for many). The marina is nice, good for strolling about and just hang and have a meal or a cocktail. Many Norwegians and Danish here escaping the freezing Nordic temp, and although they are the main group there are still plenty of other EU nations represented so you do not have that ”invaded by such and such nationalities” vibe at all. The food is not cheap here, you will have to go inland to get better deals (as always) but overall a really pleasant place to stay if you want some winter sun.