Sarah Giles

Both my desktop and laptop went belly up inside one week, it is not that the hardware fails which just happens, it’s the files; the recovery and above all the mess that comes with it.

Lord Wilson has been in touch, an ep is in the works and then he is about to go run a marathon, boy oh boy how things change, I hated him when he was a degenerate drunk and drugged up fuck but now him being a health Hitler is totally another. I bet the ep cover art is all flowers and Labrador puppies………

Come back Lord Wilson, and all will be forgiven!

Meanwhile here is Sarah Giles, in 1998 with Models One. The gun I nabbed from a mental pirate party, complete with a pirate ship built inside a marquee in Battersea Park. This is cross processed as well btw. No retouching either.

Styling: Jackie Beeke