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Zwarte Cross 2012

Had a fab time at Zwarte Cross 2012, went there on the Friday and Saturday. It started as a mudfest but the ground dried up over night and turned into a  dusty desert instead! Hell were excellent, it is great to see a band that dresses up and throws in a few show elements, amazing what you can do with a suit case full of outfits and masks and a couple of portable backdrops, well done.

Municipal Waste caught my attention as well and I was pleasantly surprised by Lizzy Borden, some of the 80’s stuff withstood the test of time. Pity I could not go on the Sunday, seems that Suicidal Tendencies had a crowd on stage.

Shooting from the photopit wasn’t as good as standing in the pit between the moshers, the angle was a lot more pleasant. During Hell I went on stage and managed to nab a bow shot at the end. Great atmosphere and very well attended too (156K).

Here are some shots:

Exodus-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4178-s.jpgExodus-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4189-s.jpgExodus-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4224-s.jpg_BAR4257-s.jpg_BAR4282-s.jpg_BAR4309-s.jpgHell-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4323-s.jpgHell-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4330-s.jpgHell-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4362-s.jpgHell-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4428-s.jpgHell-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4449-s.jpg_BAR4473-s.jpgHell-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4515-s.jpgHell-Zwarte Kross 2012BAR4523-s.jpgHell-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4548-s.jpgHell-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4573-s.jpgHell-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4585-s.jpgHell-Zwarte Kross 2012_BAR4633-s.jpgLizzy Borden-Zwarte )Kross2012_BAR4654-s.jpgLizzy Borden-Zwarte )Kross2012_BAR4694-s.jpgLizzy Borden-Zwarte )Kross2012_BAR4696-s.jpgLizzy Borden-Zwarte )Kross2012_BAR4721-s.jpgLizzy Borden-Zwarte )Kross2012_BAR4735-s.jpgLizzy Borden-Zwarte )Kross2012_BAR4770-s.jpgLizzy Borden-Zwarte )Kross2012_BAR4775-s.jpgDoro-Zwarte )Kross2012_BAR4790-s.jpgDoro-Zwarte )Kross2012_BAR4840-s.jpg

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