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Die Die Die at The Shacklewell Arms

Why the band is playing this place for the 4th (or is the 5th?) time in a row is a mystery to me. It’s nice and local for me as well, yet at the same time from a lighting p.o.v. an abomination. Having 5 LED cans set at some blueish/pinkish wash for the entire set, which are not even aimed properly at the band is anything but inspiring. As a matter of fact half a dozen candles would have had more of an atmospheric effect.

The band play pretty good, and the new songs fit in well with the old stuff. The crowd lapped it up with gusto, but sadly I had to leave early as my leg started to hurt. They will be touring Europe over the next month ending in Russia, so if they do show up in your ‘hood make sure you do not miss them. Good luck lads!

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Die Die Die in Paris and London

The boys are back in town, mainly to record a new album and to do a couple of warm up shows before they embark on a two week tour in China. I catch the Eurostar a few hours before they arrive in Paris and wander about the Montmartre district, an area I had not been before. It is 28 degrees not a cloud in the sky and it is blazing. I take a few shots and wander about past the many artists who have their paintings on display, some of whom are very good. Although the whole thing is rather relaxed it has plenty of markings of being a tourist trap as well (too many shops that sell the usual rubbish).

I make my way back to Gare Du Nord and see the band arrive, from there we depart to a hotel which is very close to the venue the Olympic Cafe. The band are on at 9 and there about a 100 odd bodies in the basement which resembles a sauna, just standing there makes you drip with sweat. The gig itself is ok (they have not played any shows since Jan.) but from a sound p.o.v. it is a letdown, actually the worst sounding one of all Die Die Die shows I have witnessed, but the crowd don’t care, it’s party on and everyone has a great time. Set-wise it is all well balanced, every album gets tapped into and they even play a new song as an encore.


The next morning at 8 AM sharp a two man crew and their pneumatic drill have a rattle for a solid 90 minutes there is no way to get back to sleep after that, and in the end I just laughed. The hotelier was very apologetic and thought we’d never come back, but for a cheap place to stay in the 18th district I recommend Hotel Du Globe actually!

We catch the Eurostar back around lunch time to London to go to Birthdays in Dalston. Here the band play a blinder of a set in front of again 100 odd bodies who need a few songs to get into it (a London thing….). And here the band sound on fire, A.T.T.I.T.U.D. is being played with such vigour, it is easily the best version of that song I have ever witnessed. Sadly the set is shorter than Paris due to starting late and the curfew. But in the end a fantastic show.

I show a few pix of both shows, the rest will be in the book that no one will buy. The book will be part 2 on this lot. Even though the band are to release a new album seeing them live will be less frequent due to the fact that Prain and Wilson have decided to become college nerds and later on bank tellers 😉 instead.


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Touring with Die! Die! Die!

The band is back in the EU and since I missed out on their massive Summer tour I wanted to hang out for a week and shoot some.

They arrive late on a Sunday and therefore are forced to cancel their show in Manchester so their first show is at The Shacklewell Arms in London, a good show and former bassist Lachlan Anderson is in the crowd, too bad there was no little jolly up. One more note for the owners at The Shacklewell Arms: please get rid of that stupid arch on the stage!

Die! Die! Die! play well, especially the songs from SWIM sound great, but I miss a certain oompf and wonder whether Lord Wilson has lost his edge.

This is being thoroughly discussed the next day in the van on our way to Tilburg in the Netherlands. During our journey we are stuck in Belgian traffic for 6 hours (averaging 10 mph). Lord Wilson gets the hint and goes for it and so do Mikey Prain and Michael Logie, a very good show. The next day in Lille it gets even better, where the crowd is mad for it in a sweaty basement club called El Diablo, wicked show. My fave.

We head up to the north of The Netherlands to Groningen where they play another good show, slight changes are made to the set, shifting songs, all for the better. In Leuven (a very pretty city to the East of Brussels) they introduce ‘We Built Our Own Oppressors’ which goes down extremely well and gives Lord Wilson another ‘excuse’ to rummage through the crowd once more…..

Bruges, at Club Cactus, the next day has the best stage and lighting for me and next door in a bigger auditorium I take a few minutes to photograph the band.

The gig itself is ok, Andrew keeps being touched up by a 40 year old woman, rather bizarre…..

I post a few pix, and I am going to put a 2nd book together. It will be released next year.

The first book on Die! Die Die! can be ordered here.


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Die! Die! Die! in Brighton and London

It’s that time of the year again, Die! Die! Die! are playing Europe this summer and of course a soiree in the U.K. was included. I joined them last week at their Brighton and London dates, this is  their third trip to the EU now in about 9 months time and this tour is quite long (three months) and they are hitting almost every European country.

They have already been on the road for six weeks when I catch up with them in Brighton. Lord Wilson is in a good mood and even lets me shoot them on the beach in front of both piers in Brighton, thing is it is raining, very fine misty rain, the one where you do not realise you are getting a right soaking. My lens is getting wet and I have to wipe the glass every few frames, focusing becomes a problem, still I manage to nab a few nice ones.

The show itself is very good, of the 30 odd shows I have seen them play they still have to play a bad one. London the next day at The Shacklewell Arms (I  do not care how trendy the gaff is DDD do not belong here) is an even better show but I do not shoot a lot of pix, as there are only 2 lights on stage and they are only beaming red.

I was supposed to jump in the van with them and go up north to Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow but a funeral prevented me from joining them. The band are still on the continent until the end of Sept. from which they are going straight to Japan to continue their tour of Harmony. The new album has been recorded and should be out next year.

Here is a spread from Damaged Goods Mag with my pix from the November 2012 and March 2013 shows.

diediedie for damaged goods by Bartolomy-1.jpgdiediedie for damaged goods by Bartolomy-2.jpg


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May update

I have deleted my Facebook profile and also the Bartolomy page, I just grew tired of the whole FB thing, like MySpace it has had its best time. All the ads, and above all the pictures of people of showing their dinner/cats/back garden etc. Very tiring and very repetitive if you ask me. Time to move on.

Here is an article on stylist Juli Molnar, who I have been working with these past 6 months. The Into the Black story and some of yours truly in action can be seen there.

I have a ton of fashion pix to show, but I am simply too busy posting them, all in due course.

Die! Die! Die! are back here end of June for a few months, so expect some stuff on them as well.

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On tour with Lord Wilson, Prainy, Logie and Attwell.

Been on tour with Die! Die! Die!.

Did Paris, Brussels, Brighton and London. All good shows, the Paris and London ones being outstanding, Paris loves Die! Die! Die! that’s for sure. I did not shoot a lot of pix, but compensated that with some filming, which eventually will surface….


I left for Paris early in the morning on the Eurostar since I wanted to walk about and take a few shots, found a few shots for The Kiss obviously around the Eiffel Tower. Nice day, dry at least, until the band arrived ;), it actually started to pour.


The band play in a squat, La Miroiterie, in the 20th district, a cool and very cosmopolitan neighborhood.  The squat itself will be leveled this summer so they have parties there every night. The place is rammed with peeps over 30 years old and the 40 somethings seem to be up for  partying the most as they crowd surf more than any other. A fantastic show crowd wise, my all time fave. Lord Wilson’s response: “this is nothing, NZ beats this hands down”…….. I head back to my hotel down the road, the band kips at the promoter’s flat in north west Paris, where I hook up with them the next morning. Although tight, the seating accommodation in the back of the van is not like Ryanair.

Brussels the next day at Magasin4, not a bad sized place, if you play for 300+ people not when you have 80 odd.

A big stage and some proper lights, yay. I shoot the whole show from all around the stage. We end up kipping there as well, the place resembles a set of Stalag 17, 14 bunk beds in one room, we are fortunate, we are NOT sharing :).

We do not see a functioning shower so we leave for Brighton unwashed. Again at Customs the band members are picked out for preferential treatment and we end up waiting for a Customs Officer to finish his ten minute break while handling the case (I kid you not!).

The Brighton show at Green Door, I only video as it has only two lights setup, sound and show wise the least favorite of all four shows. Only 40 dd people bother, you wonder why when they ask for £ 9.00 on the door.

Instead of staying with friends we all make our way back to London to get to our own places and have a wash.

London the next day at The Hoxton Bar & Grill is a great show as well. Sounding tight, Lord Wilson & co. let rip and there is great crowd participation, no Paris, but still an excellent show.

I also shot them at Lightship 95, right across from The Dome, where they have started to record tracks for their new album.

Some more pix:


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On tour with Die! Die! Die!

Joined Die! Die! Die! on four dates of their Harmony tour in Western Europe; after landing in Germany instead of Eindhoven due to heavy fog I had to grab a cab to Nijmegen to get to Utrecht where I hooked up with the band at DB’s. This was also my first live show acquaintance with new bass player Michael Logie. The show itself was pretty good, the owner of the venue liked the show so much he ended up buying discs and t-shirts for all his staff for X-Mas! Ghent on the next day made us go to a club where Andrew claimed his stake on top of the bar. After which we also joined for quite a few, good times indeed. Too bad about the minimal lighting, a red wash is anything but nice looking on digital format.

Paris the next day was an amazing show, Le Point Ephemere has a great stage, great crew and without a doubt the best sounding show of Die! Die! Die! I have heard. Only minus was the strobe lighting which made it a bitch to shoot good pictures. Finally Old Blue Last, a venue the band should not be playing at any more, they deserve better, especially sound wise, the sound man was more active on the internet than actually paying attention to the band, only after yours truly told him to up the guitars did it start to sound like something. I had a blast, time flies when you are having fun.

There is talk of recording a new album early next year and come back to the EU in April, good!

Just finished shooting two fashion spreads, one based on stripes and one, shot on film, of dark nudes with accessories. I used polagraph film, a 35mm film manufactured by Polaroid and has not been made since early 2000’s and also shot Kodak EPY, which I will cross-process.

Some shots of Die! Die! Die!:


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Die! Die! Die! at The Bull & Gate

Die! Die! Die! are back in Europe again, this time they played a show at the Bull & Gate in Kentish town with very little promo before, still 100 people showed up. The band played a well balanced set, with no “Blue Skies” (the romper stomper has been assigned attic status for now, which isn’t such a bad idea). Good sound, dreadful lights (hence the b&w).

I will be joining them for a week in November while they are gigging in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and England.


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