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Jane B.

Jane B from Eye For I Agency in Milano, late 1991 (I guess October). This was a paid test, something I barely have done in my career, I regarded them mostly as a waste of time, barely able to get anything useful for myself.

Jane B. and Sarah (to be posted soon) were quite an exception.

Shot in Piazza Sempione in the centre of Milano. Eye For I agency (now defunct) wanted me to test a load of their girls, Jane was one of them. Really easy shoot with lovely Autumn sunlight, perfect combo.

Jane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-16.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-12.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-10.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-24.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-26.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-9.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-18.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-23.jpgJane B. Piazza Sempione 1991-19.jpg


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Taken in the early 90’s in Varenna, Italy. A village in the Alps where I have been to about 4 or 5 times to do shoots. It has an old ruined castle on top of the mountain with a wicked view of the Iseo and Como lakes. The beauty of Varenna was that it was about an hour on the train from Milan and the weather proved to be much better there than in the city, mountains are funny things when it comes to the weather. The last time I went there was in 1993, I wouldn’t mind going back one day, not sure if the ruins are still accessible? I will try and dig out other shots taken there and post them at some point.

Becky was with EyeForI model agency in Milano and needed fresh pix, so I took her along while doing another shoot for a mag and used the great Italian Autumn sun to light her up.


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