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Gersande Coudyser & Ivane Grondin

Gersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR0715.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR0933.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR1245.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR1549.jpgGersande Coudyser_by_Bartolomy_BAR1918.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR1784.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR1993.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR2018.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR2361.jpgIvane Grondin by_Bartolomy_BAR2432.jpg

Here are some shots from a  shoot way back.

Styling: Juli Molnar

Hair: Jane Hodson

Make-up: Charlotte Fisher

Models: Gersande Coudyser and Ivane Grondin at Profile Models.




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New shoots

I have done some fashion shoots last week and the week before that, one being called La Linea, and another called Into the Black, 4 in total. Post production duties have commenced and hopefully this is all done by the time the festivities start.

Here are some shots taken by Jane Hodsen of yours truly in action shooting Ivane Grondin and Gersande Coudyser.

I had a great time!

Gersande Coudyser & Bartolomy.jpgIvane Grondin & bartolomy.jpg

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