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Abney Park

I live not far away from it yet it had been quite some time I had visited Abney Park. I remember the first time being roughly 15 years ago when I worked on the Derelict Sensation Project.

The park does look better on sunny days.

_BAR9943-Abney Park by Bartolomy.jpg_BAR9945-Abney Park by Bartolomy.jpg_BAR9950-Abney Park by Bartolomy.jpg_BAR9951-Abney Park by Bartolomy.jpg



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Been a while

It has been a few months since I have been posting here, and besides using my iPhone on Instagram it doesn’t amount to much.

In the mean time, time allowing, some changes to a new website and photographs will be done as well and especially the metal stuff, I have made a load of scans but there is so much more to do.

Then the design museum portraits, I have worked on a lot of them a while back and they will be published shortly. Over the 4 year period that I made those portraits the technique has grown so the older shots deserve another ‘look’.

The Kiss is still ongoing, but I take them more with my iPhone than with my Nikon gear, here’s one I shot last week in Shoreditch.


And a nice rainbow shot last night while dangling outside my bedroom window. Rainbow_Over_Stoke_newington-by_Bartolomy_BAR3937

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