The Bench vs Bench

I was going through my Twitter feed and stumbled across something that caught my eye: Ukrainian photographer Eugene Kotenko spent four years documenting one bench outside his house. Thought that sounds similar to my project from 2005, and upon looking at it is VERY similar. The differences being the location (now that would be freaky) and the time frame; I spent about 6 weeks doing this, as I knew I had to move house so there was a definite end to my project, which also suited me fine as I would be well bored doing this for four years if you ask me.

Another difference is, by the looks of it, his are tripod based whereas mine were taken hand held.

Let’s get one thing straight I am not pissed off, well a bit as he gets a lot of recognition for it which I don’t think is deserved. When I finished the project I had a similar project in mind (not telling :) ) as a follow-up but it was so identical in execution as a photographer that I decided not to do it and shoot The Kiss instead, as that proved to be a challenging task, and it still is.

The total collection consists of 243 pictures and I will release it in book form, and no I am not rushing it out just because Eugene Kotenko has done a very similar project as mine (his starting 3 years after I finished mine!). I simply lack the time and there are two books before this one slated for release first.

Anyway I have moved on, here are a few shots from The Bench shot between July/September 2005.

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