The Netherlands

I am in The Netherlands for a few days, the first day of my arrival I, landed in Eindhoven this time,  and left for ‘t Harde where I was going to meet some of my mates who I used to be with  in our platoon at 444 Inf. Bev. Cie.  stationed at Crailo not far from Bussum.

I had not seen this lot since 1990, so it was a real joy meeting up at The Site (a bunker complex on military land that was used for storing so called American Nuclear Artillery shells and now is being used for exercises). None of us had been here since August 1988 so it was odd to see the whole place again, a lot of its original features still standing up. At this point it has been left undecided what to actually do with it.

The pix are taken inside the limited area which was normally very hard to get entry to back then. Anyway, long story cut short, I loved every minute of it, meeting my pals from back then, some great stories were told and we left as overweight cows from the Chinese/Indonesian restaurant A La Wok in ‘t Harde, it was good.

Showed the very first copy of the book I put together about our antics while doing military service at 444 I.B.C. in 1987 & 1988.

We had some lovely weather on Friday, some pix I took with my iPhone:

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