Toni & Guy

Here are some shots I did for the Toni & Guy look book, supposedly coming out in Sept.

Chanie Louise, Laura Andrea Kell, Lena Marie & Max, all at Profile Models.

photocrati gallery

Since quitting Facebook I have started to read books more, I seem to have an appetite for the RFK and JFK assassinations, out of an investigative p.o.v., very interesting indeed.

Who Killed Bobby by Shane O’Sullivan (excellent book).

The Assassination of Robert Kennedy by William Turner & John Christian (the final chapters should be turned into a screenplay, would be a brilliant court room drama).

JFK and The Unspeakable (my fave JFK book, puts it all in perspective as to why).

Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill (if you want a glimpse of what the current war on terror entails then this is a must read)

Grof Geld by Roe Janssen (A Dutch book on financial scandals and speculators in Holland, us Dutch are quite ”good” at this)

And now I am starting to read London Underground by Stephen Smith.