I had to go to Rome for some business, but had some time to spend on grabbing a few shots while I was there. Twenty years ago I was there as Peter Gallina had an exhibit there at the Palazzo Esposizioni and I had made his prints for him. It was in July 1995 and it was boiling hot and I suffered from a sunstroke (only tourists wander about in the early afternoon…..the Romans know better) and we ended up drinking at the Fico Bar extensively in the evening.

A magical city, even though after the Paris attacks in Nov. 2015 there is a ton of police and military stationed all over town near the landmarks. I went to all the usual places The Trevi fountain, the Colosseum, Pantheon, the Vatican, and naturally some really nice restaurants some of which some were relatively cheap to eat at. Rome itself is quite expensive but since the Euro is weak against the Pound it is do-able.

I managed to capture 6 couples for The KIss, I will use 2 or 3 for the book The Kiss so this means you will have to wait until they have been pubbed. Quite easy to capture them, since it is Italy, almost as easy as Paris.

Weather wise, it poured on Thursday, overcast on Friday, On Saturday a few hours of sun and on Sunday there was not a cloud in the sky. Then of course Rome by night is quite a sight since most of the ruins are lit up to great effect. Best bit, well it was indoors, believe it or not, the Capuchin Crypt, was interesting to see how human bones were turned into artworks. The bones were nailed into the walls and every head of these nails was different. This is not something for everyone, probably too morbid for some, but I found it fascinating to look at. Not as good as the catacombs of Palermo which I saw eleven years ago, still worth a visit.

I shall post some photographs below, copyright Bartolomy, all rights reserved!


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