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Estoril and Sintra


Quick 6 day break in Portugal, near Lisbon in Estoril and Sintra. This is just before going into hospital getting operated on my foot so was not very mobile, so to speak.

Estoril is a posh area, near Cascais which by itself is a little too touristy for my liking. Sintra I had been to in 2009 for a job and it also had become too popular for its own good, it felt swamped and we even went on a Monday to avoid the weekend crowd…..ha like that made any difference.

Nor was I feeling ‘it’ much to shoot many pix as I was under constant medication.

Still lovely weather and food. No complaints really ūüôā

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Exactly two weeks ago I was in Porto for a weekend break with the missus. Lovely town to spend some time off in. We stayed at The Pestana, which was right at the front. And right across from the port distilleries which we visited for a taster. The bridges are very imposing with their Meccano style of assembly.

Obviously at the restaurants we ate great fish and meat and we enjoyed more port ūüôā Great city.



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Moerdijk, near Breda, Netherlands while being on the train.

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Tower Bridge

Shot on Saturday morning in London while crossing London Bridge.

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Malta and Gozo

A few shots from my recent break in Malta and Gozo. I took some snaps of the places we visited and also messed around with blurring. I managed to get a few shots for The Kiss as well.

I shall post one of the better ones.


These pix are taken of Valletta, Azure Window, ¬†the quant fishing town of Marsaxlokk, Birkirkara where we stayed, and Gozo of course mostly in Kercm where we saw the light festival and where hilly fields were decked out with hundreds of torches. Everyone local was having pizza and wine (at 4 euros a bottle so yeah that went down a treat ūüôā Fantastic place to visit.

All photographs copyright Bartolomy, all rights reserved.


Furthermore I am starting to work on two new projects, one is “The Birds” and the other will be called “Oets” All to be revealed soon.

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Die Die Die in Paris and London

The boys are back in town, mainly to record a new album and to do a couple of warm up shows before they embark on a two week tour in China. I catch the Eurostar a few hours before they arrive in Paris and wander about the Montmartre district, an area I had not been before. It is 28 degrees not a cloud in the sky and it is blazing. I take a few shots and wander about past the many artists who have their paintings on display, some of whom are very good. Although the whole thing is rather relaxed it has plenty of markings of being a tourist trap as well (too many shops that sell the usual rubbish).

I make my way back to Gare Du Nord and see the band arrive, from there we depart to a hotel which is very close to the venue the Olympic Cafe. The band are on at 9 and there about a 100 odd bodies in the basement which resembles a sauna, just standing there makes you drip with sweat. The gig itself is ok (they have not played any shows since Jan.) but from a sound p.o.v. it is a letdown, actually the worst sounding one of all Die Die Die shows I have witnessed, but the crowd don’t care, it’s party on and everyone has a great time. Set-wise it is all well balanced, every album gets tapped into and they even play a new song as an encore.


The next morning at 8 AM sharp a two man crew and their pneumatic drill have a rattle for a solid 90 minutes¬†there is no way to get back to sleep after that, and¬†in the end I just laughed. The hotelier was very apologetic and thought we’d never come back, but for a cheap place to stay in the 18th district I recommend Hotel Du Globe¬†actually!

We catch the Eurostar back around lunch time to London to go to Birthdays in Dalston. Here the band play a blinder of a set in front of again 100 odd bodies who need a few songs to get into it (a London thing….). And here the band sound on fire, A.T.T.I.T.U.D. is being played with such vigour, it is easily the best version of that song I have ever witnessed. Sadly the set is shorter than Paris due to starting late and the curfew. But in the end a fantastic show.

I show a few pix of both shows, the rest will be in the book that no one will buy. The book will be part 2 on this lot. Even though the band are to release a new album seeing them live will be less frequent due to the fact that Prain and Wilson have decided to become college nerds and later on bank tellers ūüėČ instead.


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East Sussex

Some pix from last weekend in East Sussex when we went to friends down in Hastings , visited¬†Seven Sisters’ cliffs, Rye and Winchelsea. Weather forecast was supposedly dire, well it was anything but that. Windy and sunny and in the end we had a few drops, but nothing that spoiled the fun.

Great times.

Love the cliffs, should do a proper shoot around the area…..

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Hastings and Jimmy Bain

I have just read that Jimmy Bain has passed away, I interviewed Jimmy when he was in Dio in 1983 when they played in Utrecht (a video of that show is on youtube) and also at the Pinkpop festival the year after. Really nice and above all down to earth bloke. Had then already plenty of history with Rainbow, Wild Horses and then with Dio.

First Lemmy now Jimmy, two fab bass players in their own right are gone, and the world has become more boring. I read that Last In Line’s debut with Bain is about to be released, so that’ll be on my wishlist then.

As soon as I have my scanner back in operation again I shall post some of Lemmy’s and Jimmy’s images.

A few more images of Hastings.

_BAR7651-Hastings _BAR7522-Hastings _BAR7529-Hastings _BAR7554-Hastings_BAR7606=Hastings

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I had to go to Rome for some business, but had some time to spend on grabbing a few shots while I was there.¬†Twenty years ago I was there as Peter Gallina had an exhibit there at the Palazzo Esposizioni and I had made his prints for him. It was in July 1995 and it was boiling hot and I suffered from a sunstroke (only tourists wander about in the early afternoon…..the Romans know better) and we ended up drinking at the Fico Bar extensively in the evening.

A magical city, even though after the Paris attacks in Nov. 2015 there is a ton of police and military stationed all over town near the landmarks. I went to all the usual places The Trevi fountain, the Colosseum, Pantheon, the Vatican, and naturally some really nice restaurants some of which some were relatively cheap to eat at. Rome itself is quite expensive but since the Euro is weak against the Pound it is do-able.

I managed to capture 6 couples for The KIss, I will use 2 or 3 for the book The Kiss so this means you will have to wait until they have been pubbed. Quite easy to capture them, since it is Italy, almost as easy as Paris.

Weather wise, it poured on Thursday, overcast on Friday, On Saturday a few hours of sun and on Sunday there was not a cloud in the sky. Then of course Rome by night is quite a sight since most of the ruins are lit up to great effect. Best bit, well it was indoors, believe it or not, the Capuchin Crypt, was interesting to see how human bones were turned into artworks. The bones were nailed into the walls and every head of these nails was different. This is not something for everyone, probably too morbid for some, but I found it fascinating to look at. Not as good as the catacombs of Palermo which I saw eleven years ago, still worth a visit.

I shall post some photographs below, copyright Bartolomy, all rights reserved!


Seagull at Museo Centrale del RisorgimentoInside Museo Centrale del RisorgimentoTemplo de SaturnoBack cornwer of the Altar of the FatherlandPantheonThe ColosseumForo di CesareInside the basilica  Zuccari PalaceThe Vatican at sunset

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A new year in The Netherlands and Hastings

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a great X-Mas break. I stayed in London until Dec 28th and then flew to The Netherlands and celebrated New Years Eve over there. A very nice trip. We ended up going to Leiden for the day which was very nice as well, I found a Tiffany lamp store and could have stayed there for hours, the craftsmanship and the colors were just mesmerising.

I posted a few pix of that trip at my Instagram account.

The weekend after we came back we went to Hastings to visit friends. This time I took my camera with me and took a few trainscapes (yes you seen it here first) and some pix involving seagulls. It was really windy but no less fun, as a matter of fact it was just great to be away again and get some fresh air. The couple of pubs we hit were just so different from what is around in London, very enjoyable.

Will post some pix soon, I have to get ready as we are leaving for Rome tomorrow ūüôā Expect lots of boring stuff next week!



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Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Time for a break the missus reckoned and sunshine beckoned. So of we went to The Canaries, this time Lanzarote.

Quite windy and cloudy but plenty of sunshine in the afternoon, went to shoot at Cuava de Los Verdes (bit overpriced if you ask me) and the Cactus Garden and took some close-ups while blurring with the zoom as the shutter speed hinged around 1/30, some pleasing results, then we ended our holiday with a climb up¬†¬†Monta√Īa Roja, which gives a spectacular view over the whole area.

Some pix:


All photos in this post: copyright: Bartolomy, all rights reserved!


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The Netherlands

A couple of¬†pix from this week’s visit to The Netherlands.

The shot on top was taken at Almelo station early in the morning at the very end of the platform there is an old fashioned waiting room, where somebody had the idea to decorate it minty green.

Makes an interesting shot.

And below that moment when you get from a fully overcast weather environment¬†to a sunny one, ah yes…….



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Touring with Die! Die! Die!

The band is back in the EU and since I missed out on their massive Summer tour I wanted to hang out for a week and shoot some.

They arrive late on a Sunday and therefore are forced to cancel their show in Manchester so their first show is at The Shacklewell Arms in London, a good show and former bassist Lachlan Anderson is in the crowd, too bad there was no little jolly up. One more note for the owners at The Shacklewell Arms: please get rid of that stupid arch on the stage!

Die! Die! Die! play well, especially the songs from SWIM sound great, but I miss a certain oompf and wonder whether Lord Wilson has lost his edge.

This is being thoroughly discussed the next day in the van on our way to Tilburg in the Netherlands. During our journey we are stuck in Belgian traffic for 6 hours (averaging 10 mph). Lord Wilson gets the hint and goes for it and so do Mikey Prain and Michael Logie, a very good show. The next day in Lille it gets even better, where the crowd is mad for it in a sweaty basement club called El Diablo, wicked show. My fave.

We head up to the north of The Netherlands to Groningen where they play another good show, slight changes are made to the set, shifting songs, all for the better. In Leuven (a very pretty city to the East of Brussels) they introduce¬†‘We Built Our Own Oppressors’ which goes down extremely well and gives Lord Wilson another ‘excuse’ to rummage through the crowd once more…..

Bruges, at Club Cactus, the next day has the best stage and lighting for me and next door in a bigger auditorium I take a few minutes to photograph the band.

The gig itself is ok, Andrew keeps being touched up by a 40 year old woman, rather bizarre…..

I post a few pix, and I am going to put a 2nd book together. It will be released next year.

The first book on Die! Die Die! can be ordered here.


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Been away for a week to Syracuse in Sicily, solid 28 degrees the first 5 days and only a degree or two lower in the latter part of last week.  Experienced a lot of blanket lightning, hours of it, spectacular to say the least.

On our way to Syracusa, we passed though Chiaramonte Gulfi and Palazzolo Acreide, the latter giving you an amazing view of Sicily, well worth stopping for.

During the week we also managed to go to Notto, if Baroque architecture is your thing then this is a great place to be.

The beach near Lido di Notto, named Eloro is a quiet and sandy one.

Ortigia itself a lovely place to stay in, quiet, great market, some very good restaurants.

La vita et bella!

Took a lot of pictures

All photographs copyright Bartolomy, all rights reserved.

No public reproduction of any kind allowed!



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Been a while

It has been a few months since I have been posting here, and besides using my iPhone on Instagram it doesn’t amount to much.

In the mean time, time allowing, some changes to a new website and photographs will be done as well and especially the metal stuff, I have made a load of scans but there is so much more to do.

Then the design museum portraits, I have worked on a lot of them a while back and they will be published shortly. Over the 4 year period that I made those portraits the technique has grown so the older shots deserve another ‘look’.

The Kiss is still ongoing, but I take them more with my iPhone than with my Nikon gear,¬†here’s one I shot last week in Shoreditch.


And a nice rainbow shot last night while dangling outside my bedroom window. Rainbow_Over_Stoke_newington-by_Bartolomy_BAR3937

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The missus and I decided to go to Malta for a quick break, as it was her birthday and we wanted to go somewhere warmer than the U.K. just to break that wintry and above all wet U.K. spell.We got ourselves based in Mellieha which is the north of the island, where it was relatively quiet. Malta itself is not very big and this messes with your head a tad as when you drive around and look at the map you expect places to be a bit further apart, but every 2 or 3 miles you are in the next town or village.

We hired a car a few days and also took the bus to some major places like Valletta and the Three Cities, the bus system is really excellent, for about ¬£ 1.20 you can travel around for the entire day. They are punctual and tidy, to some people who read this this may be the norm, but not in London ūüėȬ†The quality of the roads overall is terrible, it makes Kingsland Rd look like the green on a pool table.

There is quite a lot to see in Malta, but you will have to arrive early as a lot of sights are closed for the afternoon, which is a bit frustrating for us northerners, as these southerners have a different way of life, the siesta continues even in winter!

Our personal fave was Gozo, the smaller island next to Malta, its look is just tidier and also its coolness factor, you just want Malta to be like that.

On our last eve we saw the moon rise, from the horizon, something I have not seen before, magical.

Special thanks to Dan Perry for providing great info as to where to go and what to do while being there!

Some pictures of our travels.

All photographs copyright Bartolomy, all rights reserved.

No public reproduction of any kind allowed!



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Paper vs Digital

Since dropping my Facebook account I have replaced it with reading a load of books, I suggest you all do the same ūüôā

I realised that whenever I had a spare moment I ended up grabbing my iPhone and browse through the timeline and concluded that the large majority of my so called ‘friends’ had nothing interesting to say, how many food/cat/dog pictures does one need to plaster on there? In a nutshell I got really bored with it and deleted my account in May 2013, not one regret since.

Instead I started to read books while sitting down on the loo or while travelling on the London Underground or flying abroad, and this is something I have started to enjoy a lot. Before I used to read books while going on holiday and that was that. I can not imagine myself reading an entire book of a screen, be it an iPad or Kindle or PC screen for that matter, it is too intense for my eyes and I find paper just more relaxing.

The books I have read concern mostly the JFK and RFK assassinations, and that is not because I am such a conspiracy buff (then again anyone claiming Oswald did it alone should actually pay attention to the surplus of evidence around!), but because there is so much info available, be it in media or written word and it is a fascinating subject. To me the question here is actually who wasn’t involved in the conspiracy to kill JFK and cover up the act.

There is a lot of disinformation spread through various authors in books and websites above all and it takes quite some time to sift through all that to form an adequate picture of the whole happenings, and even now after reading close to twenty books on this subject there are probably more questions than answers, one can only speculate and that is something I am not keeping myself busy with,  to me it is fun to read about.

In between all that, while I was away in Holland I just read Enter Night by Mick Wall, the book on Metallica. Especially the first half is excellent and really nails down the vibe of the first ten years and chronicles all the happenings very well, I can attest to it as I was partially there myself.

Been scanning more stuff in, but that will appear here at a later date. I am getting ready to leave for Malta, the missus and I are on a week’s break. Hopefully plenty of pix when we come back.



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This is why film blows digital, anytime!

Kodak EN film from 1986 shot in 2004, I cross processed it and the images of Frangocastello in Crete are lovely.

I shot digital alongside this, and how stale and polished it looks and how much post production it would need to match these and I regret not shooting more film, the character, the nuance etc etc.

Love them. Too bad not many clients are into film any more.

All pix copyright: Bartolomy, all rights reserved.



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Last week went to Holland to see my mom and hang around for a few days, I was looking forward to it as I felt the need for a break from London.

Besides chatting and hanging about I got up one morning early to see if I could shoot some interesting shots of the sunrise since the weather over there was bliss, not a cloud in the sky for the entire period I was there.

I got lucky and managed to take some atmospheric scenery pictures of Vriezenveen.


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Paul Fusco

I don’t really write, or comment about other photographers.

In fashion i/e there are not many that I really admire, and the ones that I do have achieved granddad status ūüôā or are not among us anymore. The ones that have been added on the so called BIG status these past two decades not one has ‘moved’ me as these old timers have.¬†I have to confess I have not bought a fashion mag in more than a decade, but I do check them out and I catch myself to go through them faster and faster for the sheer vacuousness they display.

If you think of shooting with a large umbrella in front of a white backdrop is edgy and ground breaking, then think again, people like Albert Watson, Bill King, Bert Stern, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn did it decades before you and a lot better too, the fact that this way of displaying fashion images is still being used shows the real conservative side of the fashion industry, Juergen Teller changed his style from cross processing to a more simpler approach (and incorporating a ring flash) and it brought him a lot of success, to me his shots became a lot more uninteresting, that’s my personal opinion, like it or not.

These days any young photographer will spunk a set out for free just to get published in the one too many online/print magazines which hardly anyone is bothered to read in the first place, no need to delude yourself it is a fact. Part of the blame is also to the huge flood of digital images which has devalued this profession to scrap. The Chicago Sun Times just dropped all their 28 photographers, one of them being a Pulitzer price winner John H. White. The paper will ask their correspondents to come up with the photos and videos.

I could go on and rant like the next dissatisfied armchair critic, so I better stop.

Here is something to spend a few minutes of your quality time on, the RFK funeral train, Paul Fusco’s photographs which I personally find one of the most moving set of shots I have ever seen. ¬†It makes a project like The Bench look pussy. The funny thing about that project I did is that I personally feel the least connected with it in an emotional way as I always thought ”anyone else can do this”, yet overall everyone likes it a lot, I have only received two negative feedback against hundreds of positive ones.

One day I hope to understand that  unemotionally involved pix of mine get more appreciation than the ones I bleed my heart and soul out for.



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On tour with Lord Wilson, Prainy, Logie and Attwell.

Been on tour with Die! Die! Die!.

Did Paris, Brussels, Brighton and London. All good shows, the Paris and London ones being outstanding, Paris loves Die! Die! Die! that’s for sure. I did not shoot a lot of pix, but compensated that with some filming, which eventually will surface….


I left for Paris early in the morning on the Eurostar since I wanted to walk about and take a few shots, found a few shots for The Kiss obviously around the Eiffel Tower. Nice day, dry at least, until the band arrived ;), it actually started to pour.


The band play in a squat,¬†La Miroiterie,¬†in the 20th district, a cool and very cosmopolitan¬†neighborhood. ¬†The squat itself will be leveled this summer so they have parties there every night. The place is rammed with peeps over 30 years old and the 40 somethings seem to be up for ¬†partying the most as they crowd surf more than any other. A fantastic show crowd wise, my all time fave. Lord Wilson’s response: “this is nothing, NZ beats this hands down”…….. I head back to my hotel down the road, the band kips at the¬†promoter’s¬†flat in north west Paris, where I hook up with them the next morning. Although tight, the seating¬†accommodation¬†in the back of the van is not like Ryanair.

Brussels the next day at Magasin4, not a bad sized place, if you play for 300+ people not when you have 80 odd.

A big stage and some proper lights, yay. I shoot the whole show from all around the stage. We end up kipping there as well, the place resembles a set of Stalag 17, 14 bunk beds in one room, we are fortunate, we are NOT sharing :).

We do not see a functioning shower so we leave for Brighton unwashed. Again at Customs the band members are picked out for preferential treatment and we end up waiting for a Customs Officer to finish his ten minute break while handling the case (I kid you not!).

The Brighton show at Green Door, I only video as it has only two lights setup, sound and show wise the least favorite of all four shows. Only 40 dd people bother, you wonder why when they ask for £ 9.00 on the door.

Instead of staying with friends we all make our way back to London to get to our own places and have a wash.

London the next day at The Hoxton Bar & Grill is a great show as well. Sounding tight, Lord Wilson & co. let rip and there is great crowd participation, no Paris, but still an excellent show.

I also shot them at Lightship 95, right across from The Dome, where they have started to record tracks for their new album.

Some more pix:


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Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria

A lot of the island of Gran Canaria along the coast is very built up, but the last village on the southern coast Puerto de Mogan has escaped, so far, the huge apartment complexes and the lit up boulevards rammed with ¬†KFC and other related establishments that offer no real value. Puerto de Mogan is sleepy compared to its neighbouring villages and towns, only to wake up on Friday where a huge market is being set up. Other than that a beach front with many restaurants, of which the majority offer the same touristic tapas fare or try to lure you in with a large beer for 2 euros (it seems to work for many). The marina is nice, good for strolling about and just hang and have a meal or a cocktail. Many Norwegians and Danish here escaping the freezing Nordic temp, and although they are the main group there are still plenty of other EU nations represented so you do not have that ”invaded by such and such nationalities” vibe at all. The food is not cheap here, you will have to go inland to get better deals (as always) but overall a really pleasant place to stay if you want some winter sun.


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Palermo 2004

I found some high res images of a trip I did in May 2004 in Palermo and also at Mondello (the beach area just outside the city). I deemed all material lost of higher res, all I had was a set of large thumbnail images. It was the first thing I recorded with my new digital camera back then. And due to some screw up I deemed the high res images lost, as the raws were gone too. Well while backing up the discs I made in 2004-2007 I came across a set of images, all with their description, so I am very happy to have them ‘back’.

Funny thing is, that I shot pix of kissing couples there, I did not think back then to turn it into The Kiss already, as I shot The Bench a year after this trip and then in 2006 started toying with The Kiss I am showing one shot, there are four which will go into the book of The Kiss which I will start working on in Feb./March



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It’s X-Mas, well Boxing Day actually, and Terri and I have a had a brilliant X-mas day, a few cool pressies and a killer dinner made by the missus, perfect.

On a sad note I just dropped off my Nikon Coolscan LS9000 at the post office again, the day before, to have it shipped to Nikon for another fix, the third in 3 years.  Just finished doing the military book and now just before starting on the nudes with accessories shoot I did on film it has decided to pack it all in. This is a bit of a set back as I am away the next few weeks, but I hope they will have it done in the 2nd week of Jan, otherwise no work on this shoot gets done until end of Jan. Bit dissapointed about the manufacturing build of the  scanner and how often it fails and has to be sent back to Nikon. But at this point there are limited alternatives.

This is the shoot I also did some on Polagraph film, a 35 mm instant polaroid film from more than ten years ago. I shot 20 rolls of EPY (that’s Kodak Ektachrome 64 for those not in the know) alongside it and intend to use that material as the polagraph slides are a little too dark and do not allow any dodging or burning for that matter at all.

Meanwhile I am backing up a truckload of dvds of old shoots from the period 2004-2007, the happiest moment was when I found some lost shots of our holiday in Palermo in high res format from 2004, I am thrilled to have them back. I shall post a few in due course.

This is also a soft introduction to the new website and being hosted on a new server, this one is EU based and speeds have drastically improved so it will be a lot better browsing through galleries all over, special thanks go to Jochen Maess for setting this up.


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On tour with Die! Die! Die!

Joined Die! Die! Die! on four dates of their Harmony tour in Western Europe; after landing in Germany instead of Eindhoven due to heavy fog I had to grab a cab to Nijmegen to get to Utrecht where I hooked up with the band at DB’s. This was also my first live show acquaintance with new bass player Michael Logie. The show itself was pretty good, the owner of the venue liked the show so much he ended up buying discs and t-shirts for all his staff for X-Mas! Ghent on the next day made us go to a club where Andrew claimed his stake on top of the bar. After which we also joined for quite a few, good times indeed. Too bad about the minimal lighting, a red wash is anything but nice looking on digital format.

Paris the next day was an amazing show, Le Point Ephemere has a great stage, great crew and without a doubt the best sounding show of Die! Die! Die! I have heard. Only minus was the strobe lighting which made it a bitch to shoot good pictures. Finally Old Blue Last, a venue the band should not be playing at any more, they deserve better, especially sound wise, the sound man was more active on the internet than actually paying attention to the band, only after yours truly told him to up the guitars did it start to sound like something. I had a blast, time flies when you are having fun.

There is talk of recording a new album early next year and come back to the EU in April, good!

Just¬†finished¬†shooting two fashion spreads, one based on stripes and one, shot on film, of dark nudes with accessories. I used polagraph film, a 35mm film manufactured by Polaroid and has not been made since early 2000’s and also shot Kodak EPY, which I will cross-process.

Some shots of Die! Die! Die!:


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I am in Tropea and it has been a fabulous week so far.

The old town of Tropea is a great little town to walk through and gaze at the architecture from the 18th century and take pictures off. Add on that from our apartment at Salato the view is stupendous and it just doesn’t tire looking at, if ever. This area is an amazing place to have a holiday at.

I’d like to pre -warn everyone that these pictures are copyrighted, and that anyone re-using them without my permission will be contacted by my solicitor!¬†


In Nicotera we climbed 200 meters uphill on a path that had not been used much, by the time we arrived up there we were drenched in sweat, after another half an hour browsing we decided to sit down in the shade and we got to talk to Giuseppe, a 78 year old retired teacher, who gave us boiled sweets and we did our best to converse with him in our broken Italian, I HAD to take his picture. The old town of Nicotera is strange to pass through, you end up going up and down stairs and slopes and go from a beautiful restored¬†apartment to a complete wreck, back to beautiful house and then another wreck and so forth. Some parts of this town date back to the 1200’s. Great place to visit.

Capo Vaticano was next, nice place to lie on the beach, the fact that we are at the beginning of the season means not many people around all over, I bet that is different in July/August!

To Stromboli: the journey  was the least of anything we have done so far: imagine the worst Ryan Air flight, treble that, and you will have a rough idea of what it was like to take the boat out there, ok so loads of kids roaming, screaming and whatnot which comes with the package, fair enough but the constant tannoy activity in Russian, French, German and Italian, each taking ten mins and talking so much drivel, the people doing this are surely in love with themselves as the English translation lasted just about 20 seconds. I kid you not. I feel not very well due to the rocking sea but a  friendly Italian family hand me a motion sickness pill and it sorts me out about 20 minutes later.

The island itself is on the brink of becoming too commercial with too much stuff for sale no one actually needs. The viewing of the ‘wall of fire’ ¬†was nice, it happened 3x in about 40 minutes, the last one being a great one to take some shots of as the lava rolled down all the way into the water. Being quite close you realise how powerful nature can be.

We also went land inwards and this was a great idea, since there are some beautiful stretches around and derelict buildings as well. The Italians drive like mad on the motorways, we have witnessed it a few times up close, real up close!

The evening before we leave and I pick the missus up in town, after a short ride¬†I turn around the corner with our moped and I have to hit the brakes so hard, so we don’t slam into the car who suddenly halted in front of us ¬†that we slide over the asphalt for a few feet, enough to break two toes, various scratches and bruises on my ribs and right leg and arm, bot nothing too bad. The missus is ok too.

On the last day we miss our connecting train to get to the airport so we splash out 120 euros for a cab ride that you could only imagine in a film, ‘rode like the devil’ indeedy ūüėÄ We end up making it to the flight in time.

I grabbed a couple of great pix for The Kiss book, which will be shown in due course.

I have to end this post on a sad note that Johno Driscoll has passed away, a b&w printer I met first back in 1994 (when he had his darkrooms in the basement a stone throw away from the White Cube Gallery on Hoxton Square and later based in Clerkenwell Close, sharing the corridor with LTI (the color lab that did my prints back then). A fitting tribute has been posted HERE


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